Sharing imvu with your partner

introducing imvu to your  boyfriend or girlfriendMost of us have other people in our lives whether it’s a spouse, a boy friend or girl friend or your parents or even kids. And we all have to consider how much to tell them about this place. Being married this is an especially important issue and you always have to work hard at keeping them secure and happy first. Sometimes that makes me a little jealous of my single friends who have fewer issues here, but I really have a great life in both directions.

You can’t hide this because hiding something from your partner isn’t good or right but you also don’t want to talk about it to much either or in to much detail because that’ll only hurt them or make them feel bad. For the purposes of this discussion let’s limit this to people you meet in RL after you’ve been in imvu.

You don’t need to air all your issues up front on your first date. But you don’t want want to be seen as hiding anything either. It’s also not just an issue of showing them. It’s more a matter of not hiding it from them. Hopefully showing them this website can help. I think it’s also important to SHOW them because everyone’s life here is so different. And it’s so hard to explain.

Hopefully your partner will realize that this is beneficial and not a threat to them. I’m actually a big cheerleader for my friends. I think that’s because I’m happily married and I only want my friends to be happy. I’m ultimately better at friends than anything else.

holding my imvu girlfriendThere are both good and bad things in here. But if you are doing it safely and your partner loves and trusts you hopefully they will get their heads around this and trust you. This does NOT replace real life but it certainly can be a great outlet, a real support network and a good thing. And if you understand and give partner the room to stay here they will certainly appreciate you a heck of a lot more. Imagine all the bonus points you’ll get. (I can’t help but think of the 2and a half men episode with the bimbo-ish GF talks about “extra special bonus sex” but you had to see it).

I think the one last and most important thing to stress is that they are always first and real. Real life is always first and then some. That can’t just be a saying but they have to totally KNOW it. But it’s also healthy to have outside friends that you can talk to and that doesn’t take away from your real relationship.

Add your own two cents!

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