Music is a great way to set the mood

Wendy playing sexy music on the beachWhat kind of music do you like to play or to listen to in a public room and what kind of music do you like to play or listen when you are with someone special?  This is of course entirely dependent on the situation and with whom and where you are and in what kind of mood you and your friends are.  Music is a great way to create or enhance the mood in a room.  If you’re in a public ‘dance’ room, there is often some music playing, but if there isn’t, it would probably be smart to ask before playing your music.  Also look around at the kind of room you are at that moment.  Most of the time you can see or at least get a clue, in people’s clothes or the design of the room about what kind of music they would like to dance or listen.  In a rave club it will look weird to play some jazz music in a jazz club it’s a bit weird to play some heavy-metal music!

I am not a person who has many different types of music that I could play in a public chat room, and the music I have is most of the time older than my own age.  Some of my good friends have a lot of different types of music and made some awesome mixes.  Furthermore, I like a lot of different kinds of music in real life and do not care much about what I hear or what someone should play.  Whether this is some sweet romantic songs, soul, classic, pop, jazz, punk, rap or whatever it is doesn’t really matter.  Also remember if you don’t like the music playing in the room, you could choose just turn the volume down the volume or turn it off completely!

The music I wrote down below is music I like to play or like to listen when I’m with someone special or just when I’m with my dear friends dancing at an early morning or late at night. Softly as background music, nice and sweet romantic and timeless being!  These are probably the first types of music to get if you’re new because this is the type of music you play when there aren’t as many people around and it’s even more important to set a really good mood.

Sheena Easton – For your eyes only.
Norah Jones – Come away with me.
Jordin Sparks with Chris Brown – No air.
Billy Ocean – Suddenly.
Chantal Kreviazuk – Feels like home.
Bonnie Tyler – Total eclips of the heart.
Dionne Warwick – That’s what friends are for. (I like also the version of this song very much from a dutch singer. Her name is Trijntje Oosterhuis!)
Barry Manilow – Mandy
Lady Antebellum – Need you now
Robbie Williams – Mr Bojangles

I am curious about what you would like to hear and love to see all of your comments. Maybe you would like to share this music with anyone else and probably you could make the best music mix ever…xxx

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  1. Music can definitely be a lot of fun and add to a room or the mood. I made a list of my imvu music a little while ago at I have almost 700 songs now I think. But I’ll have to get a few of the ones that Wendy likes and make a mix for her. :-) Music is also an international language, and can be a way to get around the 20 second limit on sound clips.

    July 15, 2012 at 1:08 pm

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