IMVU Sex Tips

imvu sexThis is the type of thing you won’t find in any IMVU forum. This is just some of the things I’ve learned over the past year. Hopefully other people will have some more suggestions but this should be a good start, and get you well on the way to being a great lover!

Say what you feel – you don’t have body language in here but you are allowed to share your thoughts making it even more intimate in some ways.

Take your time and flirt a little – you both know you want it, but seducing someone and flirting with them enough to make them really want it makes it more fun.

Let your heart flow – this takes some practice but when you learn to really let loose and enjoy it.

Even if he or she says they came don’t just stop – It’s not always easy to say you’re cumming at the same moment that you do. So assume that they haven’t yet and be willing to continue a little.

Realize that sometimes things happen – Internet connections crash, people walk in or have to run or fall asleep, or someone important invites them. Sometimes imvu takes patience.

Say the little actions – I learned this from watching my Twin Sister Katy (pictured below). She says her actions so cute, whether it’s Twirling her hair, Blushing, Waves invitingly, Jumping happily into your arms, etc.

Adding a little story can intensify the emotion – It doesn’t take that much, just a simple story to turn a sex encounter into a sexy adventure.

It’s more about the words than the poses or outfits – Your mind is what makes it sexy.

Try Dragon Naturally speaking – This is probably the one best tip I’ve found that allows me to both do better and enjoy more, by being able to talk instead of type.

The only way you have to hold onto anyone here is to make them love you more than anyone – Some people, ok some guys, tend to claim ownership of someone or ask them for a commitment in the middle of passion. You’re allowed to say things in passion but don’t require someone else to agree to anything.

Love with your heart not just the physical side – Sometimes people or at least women, really just need the intimacy and love, not the sex. Sharing that even without the physical side can be very powerful.

Snuggle afterwards at least a little – there are times when you don’t have time, but remember the feeling of being loved is part of what many people want and enjoy about being physical here. So savor it for a minute and let it breath

making imvu sex betterFollow through will increase your odds of getting more – Write a note to at least let them know you’re thinking about them. A gift is a good idea if you liked it and can afford it, but isn’t required. Remember though, it’s easier to get someone who already shared to do it again than to start over every time, and you also lose out on the cumulative effect and stronger connections if you just go from one random encounter to another.

Try to keep talking – don’t leave long gaps, unless you really have to, and use shorter lines rather than really big longer ones (T1 style). Shorter lines keep the momentum going and are easier to read when your passion is really flowing.

Be responsive – If someone mentions something try to include that in your response. It shows you’re paying attention and really there with them.

Research a little if you need to – If you feel like you’re not sure what to say or how to write about this, guys read some romance novels to understand how to write sexy for women and girls watch some porn and pay attention to the banter and things porn stars say because they’re talking mostly to guys. But realize you don’t have to be perfect or be someone else. Just share your heart and try to be expressive and have some sexy words here because in the end, it’s mostly words but can be amazing too.

Feel free to add your own suggestions or ideas. You don’t have to give a name or email address or anything if you don’t want to. If it’s a good tip I might want to meet you though :)

12 responses

  1. Oh yeah this is also my 300th post! Thanks to everyone because this isn’t just my page, it’s our page about imvu. :-)

    July 3, 2012 at 2:09 pm

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  6. yay 300! and such a useful post, though I feel you are giving away all our secrets! but that can only be a good thing. the more good lovers out there the better. it’s funny, i don’t really think much about what i do, and i try not to, because I worry that if its not from the heart, it feels more wooden mechanical.

    but you did such a good job. covered the main things. and yay, I got a mention!!!

    yes, little things seem to help. and so do adjectives. don’t just wave, but a flirty lil wave, or not just smile, but a sheepish smile. my brother J- mentioned I use my eyes a lot, as eyes are the window to the soul. I stole that from Tyra, who’s main advice on America’s next top models is to be able to smile with your eyes. smiling eyes, hungry eyes, happy eyes, eyes can tell what you are lusting after and how you feel. i like short sentences. keeping things moving. the pace should keep up with the action. just one or two words over and over at the height of passion. playful touches. use all 5 senses. sounds (slurping, slapping), smells (sun kissed skin), tastes (salty perspiration.. musky). feel (silky skin, gravely stubble). your breath. Listen. I agree, use what they said. build. interact. mostly though use your imagination, run with it. let go. type what you see and what you feel… lose yourself… that’s the best advice

    July 3, 2012 at 8:03 pm

  7. Wow that’s such great advice. I hadn’t thought about adjectives but that’s so right. They might be one of the most smartest, helpful appropriate and beneficial tips. (ok you can over do it in regular conversation, lol) But of all the people anyone should learn from it’s so YOU!

    The just “let yourself go” concept is also huge. It takes some time to get that comfortable to associate so closely with your avi, but once you do and learn to let go it gets easier and easier to do. In a sense I think you bring your real life persona here but in one sense I feel like I bring all of my experiences here into real life. And learning to lower my walls here makes me feel like I can sometimes more in real life. I really feel more loving with my husband not less. (maybe that should be another post, actually most of the points here can and probably should be a full post)

    One more thing I thought of, IMVU is a great place to experiment. There are so many things I’d NEVER do or touch in real life but can be kind of fun in here once you get used to it.

    Oh and just for the record we would need another 300 posts just to cover a tiny sliver of Katy’s secrets and knowledge in here. :-)

    July 6, 2012 at 10:22 am

  8. I know I don’t shut up, but one more thought. These tips aren’t really just for sex. They’re great for sex but they’re just as great for talking and meeting people in general. They give you character and an attractive personality. And another way to say let yourself go, is just to Open up your heart. Wear it on your sleeve.

    July 6, 2012 at 6:10 pm

  9. quidlyn

    oh, kait you’re too nice.

    the main tip also for guys i forgot to mention is to take charge sometimes. too many passive guys out there… and maybe that works for some girls, but, i guess not so much for me.

    July 7, 2012 at 3:10 am

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