Why honesty really is the best policy

lying in imvu seems easy but can really hurt your friends and the people you loveIt’s easy to lie and keep secrets on here. Nobody can see who you’re talking with in private or prove much of what you’re saying. So you can tell anyone anything, right. Some people seem to enjoy building extremely elaborate stories. But like in life the truth has a way of leaking out eventually. But unlike life the faith necessary for this place can be broken and everything can really fall apart when you break that trust. You’ll also hurt people you care about.

It’s a fantasy and if it wasn’t better than real life why would we come here. But even though it seems like you can get away with things here you really have to be more honest and loyal in some ways. I guess that’s one more irony that in a place so easy to lie or get away with things, its even more important not to betray the trust people have in you. It also takes all the fun out of it, if you have to think about and filter everything and even worse to have to remember everything you said or lied about.

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  1. Hollybelle Headmistress House of Lady Moon

    Once again, Kaitlyn has spoken profound truth with the wisdom of simplicity.
    Lies, deceit, users, gamers, fakes, players, manipulators, turn the beauty of this place (IMVU) into a miasma of tears, pain, distrust and ugliness.
    I shall refrain from citing the myriad examples, some of which have resulted in suicides, near suicides and good people leaving forever. Examples I personally have born witness to. I carry the grief of such experiences in my heart forever. But I vowed to bring the rules of justice, the perfect love and perfect trust that I so deeply believe in , the tolerance and understanding of those different from me, to my court and to my job (IMVU) to counterbalance these forces of “untruth” . I won’t give up . Please none of you give up either. Hold the torch of truth high and illuminate the facts, and let the goodness of humanity win over the greed, selfishness, perfidy and stupidity we humans seem to revert to when given freedom to be ourselves .
    Hollybelle of

    June 21, 2012 at 11:08 pm

    • Someone asked me why I love you. That’s the best reason I’ve ever seen, though certainly NOT the only one. This really is who you are and why so many people love and more than that, RESPECT YOU. Love flows like water in here, but Respect is much harder to earn and keep. YOU are that example to many more than you realize, and it’s my honor to be your friend.

      Your Kait.

      June 22, 2012 at 3:55 am

  2. Anonymous

    Don’t we know…

    June 22, 2012 at 1:18 pm

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