Messages, sweet or just for fun?

A few days ago, I got a great idea to send several friends the same message. A little inspired by Kait, her previous story in “Passing sexy notes” in the category “Fun Messages“.

While I was writing this story I could see in my mind the faces of many friends when they read it, and enjoyed it a bit feeling a little sneaky. A message with a wink and a smile should I say! I was curious about the reactions of those that I send this story, and whether there would be someone who would continued this story and would send it back. This didn’t happen, but the reactions I received have been very sweet and nice. I really laughed a lot with this story and especially because there were some who thought this story was actually really happening! Lol … I will not tell any names Kait, so don’t worry.

The point was just how much fun it was to and write a sweet, nice of sexy story. See what the reactions are of those that you send your story to. Maybe you get a sweet, cute or nice message back or maybe there is someone who continue the story where you have ended this. As a tip I would say, write your story first in something like word. This makes it easier to send everyone the same story. Have fun and good luck…xxx


Today was an exciting day for me. I have met some time ago, someone at IMVU and had agreed with her that she could come over for a few days and stay with me when she visiting Europe. Oh so exciting, our first real date! Today was that day dawned, very nervous and very tense where I waiting at the airport for her when her flight would land. I had already looked at the clock several times whether I would be on time and checked her flight data several times. On the TV screen at the airport I could see that her flight had landed exactly on time and my heart began to beat faster at the thought that we would meet today in real. I stood with a big sign with her name written on it and waited at the exit of arrival hall number 3! Many people came through the exit, but not the girl I was waiting for…I tried to call her but got no answer. Maybe she missed her flight? Quickly I checked my email…not any sign of her! Helplessly, I looked around!! Hopefully that I could find her between all the people. I looked so….. 

frighten and helpless until a hand was laid on my shoulder and an arm wrapped around my middle. A soft, sultry voice whispered behind me…I LOVE YOU WENDY! My heart began to beat faster and hit my sorrow into joy…I turned myself around and my eyes began to shine. Oh we both had already waited so long and finally were there the day that she has arrived at the airport! Our first meeting…We looked at each other and started laughing, both nervous and a bit tense! Oh she was even much prettier than at the pictures she had sent me. There was also our first kiss, first volatile followed by a passionate loving kiss. Oh a tingling floats through my full body and I felt myself glowing from the tip of my head till my toes! We had almost forgotten where we were and thought even less of all the people around us. That moment, we have had only eyes for each other! Even if we have stood on a treadmill it was not even noticed us!! After a while she picked up her luggage and I took her hand…….

4 responses

  1. This is kind of like role play in a sense and is certainly fun. She did worry me though because she’s so sweet and young, and meeting someone from here alone makes me nervous. It’s not that you shouldn’t because that’s certainly a very exciting thing, but don’t do it alone especially if you’re young. And don’t do it casually.

    Wendy is the very best at notes. She pours her heart into her messages and poems and it can’t help but touch your heart. You can kind of feel that here for sure but she’s even better than you realize, trust me! [waiting for Stephanies comments… :-) ]

    June 14, 2012 at 3:11 pm

  2. Wendy

    Smiling so big…thank you for your sweet and kind words. I never could have done this in real, at least not like you said in your comments without anyone who I know beside me to keep an eye on me! Lol…next time I will send you first a message that I write a new story again before I send it you :D!!
    Oh and btw thanks for the finishing touch and changing some words for me! Sometimes English is so difficult with the so/soo to/too and things like that but I try to do my best all the time…lol maybe I will write it next time in my own language, much better to write for me…:P

    June 14, 2012 at 3:39 pm

  3. yes yes i would love to get your next story. this one just sounded too real!

    June 17, 2012 at 10:08 pm

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