What’s your relationship based on?

sexy imvu lovers cuddleI meet a lot of people in here and have several different types of relationships, but no two people are the same and no two relationships are the same. Some are based on imvu sex, some on friendship, some on role playing or talking or romance or advice or mutual interests. Actually it’s usually a mixture of things. But the interesting part is how that initial roles you have tend to stick.

If you meet someone and your relationship is based mainly on sex you may get a booty call but they aren’t likely to invite you to their role play or to hang out. If you were friends or were slaves or vampires together they’re not going to get a booty call. Or putting it a different way, if your relationship was just meeting her for sex when you invite her she thinks you’re calling her for sex, which may be fine. But that’s why it’s sometimes hard to make the jump to real friend or relationship. I’m as guilty of this as anyone, especially with guys. If I met you in a sexy room or situation I tend to think that’s what you’re calling me for when I see your invite.

making out at the driveinI also tend to think of Friendship as the central hub and all the other aspects branch off of there. That means if you started off in a role play group or as an advisor you have to get to friend first before you can usually go down another branch. The only exception is some people are still in the sex stage only and don’t have many real friends and use sex as their center here or only role here.

I think the lesson I’ve kind of learned is that if you take a little more time to build a friendship (whether it’s first or second) that relationship will be stronger and more stable and lasting. It also makes it easier to expand into any different area. It can be fun and exciting to get swept away, for sure. Feeling that amazing head over heels intense love feeling is such a rush. But remember friendship makes it feel more real and more powerful too.

So when you can, try to take a little time and build some stability too by looking for common likes and writing notes or something more than just the thing your relationship was based on and above all be a friend. And remember it’s the quality of your relationships more than just quantity.

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