Real Life First

real life first in imvuRL first isn’t just an expression it’s an extremely important principle in IMVU. If you mess that up you’re going to have major major problems. It applies to everything but most importantly your partner or spouse. There’s pretty much no more important rule in here.

I’m going to recommend that if you want to make it here you go a step further. Don’t just put real life first but make your real life even better than it was before this, because any issue you have in real life will be blamed on this.

If you were already starting to have trouble with your classes before you came here your parents are going to blame this. If your kids start acting up it will be imvu’s fault and if your relationship slips this will definitely be blamed. So don’t just keep it above this go out of the way to be more loving, get better grades or work harder at whatever you do.

That isn’t necessarily easy but use this as motivation and you’ll have gotten something else out of here. So here’s the trick, every time someone says RL first, in your head think more than first. And believe me, this isn’t just advice for you, it’s for ME, more than you realize.

4 responses

  1. Morgan LaFlame

    You know I had to learn the hard way even after all the talks and all the sisterly advice you gave me it went in one ear and out the other when it came to You know who. I made IMVU my life my love my everything, actually since I didn’t have much of a choice at the time I barley maintained my real life. It was a sad and devastating time and I still haven’t healed or recovered fully from that episode. I urge everyone reading this to heed this words the are so wise and if you read between the lines you can feel the pain. I’m with you Kait all the time, I have never left you no matter how bad things seemed or the rotten things I’ve said, I love you and miss you terribly.

    May 27, 2012 at 7:56 pm

  2. very sage advice

    May 29, 2012 at 11:32 am

  3. Well this doesn’t mean you can’t make this special or even make this real to some degree. You also had a very unique situation before Morgan. Putting Real life first probably matters more now that you have more of a life, than it did before. I guess this is another angle but I’m so happy your real life is going better now, not to mention Ally and Stephanie too. In some ways I feel like this is my safety net because I could be happy w my friends here no matter what my real life is, but just make sure you do a good job in everything else too. I know you do but still :)

    Missing you too Morgan and YOU are my sage Katy.

    May 29, 2012 at 11:44 am

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