A very special letter

It's amazing to experiend real life romance second hand

I usually try not to post things just to one person but rather show the lesson behind things so it’s helpful for everyone. I’ve never written to anyone outside of Imvu before either but this seemed important to say. I don’t know when he’ll see this but I had to write to write and thank Stephanie’s new RL fiancĂ©.

Dear Evan

I want so much to thank you. To thank you for making Stephanie so amazingly happy and for letting us share that wonderful feeling with her. You get to see people in here in a very special way from the inside out. And I’ve never met a more beautiful girl on the inside than Stephanie. She has the most amazing heart and I couldn’t possibly be more happy for you both.

We had the most special, wonderful opportunity to follow and get to know you through her, to watch and be a little bird on her shoulder, and to share all the happiness that has just poured out of her heart since she met you. We have never met but I feel like I know you and even your family more than a little, at least in an Imvu way.

We have been more than privileged to share a little bit of Stephanie’s heart and to be her secret cheerleaders. No matter what happens this will always have been one of the most special things about this crazy place and no matter what, I will be her friend till the end of days. I pray for you both and know that you are heading for truly great things.

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