Passing Sexy Notes

I wrote a sexy note to a friend and decided it was good and had to save and reuse it. I sent it to 3 or 4 friends that it seemed appropriate to send it to. One sexy friend who’s the best at notes continued where I left off and before we knew it we both making the sexiest story together. It’s always good to send notes. Don’t use my note, but hopefully you enjoy it and it inspires you.

writing notes and sexy messages in imvuHere’s my first note:
You hear soft footsteps behind you and a finger light trails on your shoulders and your neck like a poor silent glide your waste. You feel a shiver dance down your spine when I kiss your neck, and my breasts gently pressing it against your back. My pillow turn to snacks and move to the side of your neck as my second arm slides around you. My whole body is now pressed against your back and you think I have a naked or not wearing much in the heat of my skin. you try to make your head spin, but my lips feel your ear, and my warm breath in your ear. A hand slides up your chest and the other sides down your belly. a low animal sound as my tongue dances moaning in your ear and my fingers fine to trace your panty line, rubbing the side fabric gently. you close your eyes and one arm back confirming your suspicion as you squeeze my bare ass, reaching pulled me harder against you. My pussy grinds against you I like as I mouth hoarse words in your ear, I love you ….

Her first response:
Slowly I close my eyes and enjoy the moment with you behind me. With my hand on your bare ass I press you closer to me. I feel the warmth of your body through the soft fabric of my nighty. The hot breath from your mouth feels like a gentle breeze in my neck. You soft kisses on my neck betray my tickling spots! I try to turn my head slightly to give you more freedom in my neck. Even though I know that I can hardly handle this spot, but the enjoyment and feeling that my body is going through is indescribable. My whole body trembles at the touch of your kisses and tonque in my neck. My other arm goes behind your head while my fingers play with your beautiful long soft hair. I arch my back a bit and feel my knees buckling. Softly I whisper, while I hear the tremor in my voice that I love you. I hear your laugh between the kisses and feel how your hand slowly teasingly along the soft material of my undies slips. Suddenly your other hand moves down too and grabs my nighty at both sides…

Read the full conversation!

My hands guiding you head down my body as my fingers continue playing with your hair. I’ll push you closer to mine and feel how your lips close to my hard swollen nipples. Softly I feel you while you suck on my swollen nipples and sometimes teasingly bite. Your hands feel warm on my bare skin while you cups my breasts. I feel the coldness of the wall against my back but I can’t move myself. I make some moaning sounds of pleasure, as I wrap my right leg around your waist. I feel how you move your hand down across my body. with gentle movements along the side of my body to my bottom, teasing me with your fingers against the soft material of my silk panties. You push my leg a little higher. With the pleasure in my eyes, I look down how you play with my breasts. I look into your eyes while you touch mine along my body. A broad smile on your face says more than anything! Then you let my breasts free and slide slowly between the grip of my leg down. Gently press your lips on my stomach, teasing with your tongue…

leaving a warm wet trail of goose bumps in the wake of my sloppy kisses devouring my way down your belly. My fingers already caressing you through the thin fabric of your panties moist with your desire. I take my time kissing and sucking in a zig zag pattern slowly down toward my fingers rubbing in slow circles. My fingers slip behind your panties, teasing the skin hidden there so close to your honey pot. Your groans are like gasoline to the desire burning in my heart for you. My fingers caress the outer edge of your lips tenderly before nuzzling in between them length wise caressing the whole length of your swelling lips. My tongue finds your belly button and twirls slowly into your belly button as my index finger twists slightly and dips one knuckle in, teasing you. Feeling your warmth and wetness and the tightness of your pussy just teasing the entrance as my tongue pushes harder into filling your belly button…

Teasing and playfully you kiss softly my belly button while your tongue flicks in and out. Your fingers move along my wetness. I moan softly as I feel how you push the knuckle of your fingers between my pussy lips a little inside. Slowly kissing you move further down and press your mouth against my very wet silky panties. I hear you laughing as you blow gently through the soft material. The warmth from your mouth makes me enjoy it even more, while you fingers massage my swollen lips. With short strokes you flick your tongue at my panties while you nose presses firmly against my clit. My fingers moving quickly through your her as I try to remain standing. My knees buckle of pleasure and desire while you caressing my wetness with your tongue and fingers. Suddenly you move your hand out of my panties and pulls it down slightly. Teasing my wetness with the of the tip of your tongue while you pull my panties down. I feel how you pull my panties down slowly more and more. I move my hips slightly…

My tongue pulses in and out of your succulent pink pussy while I slowly shake my head from side to side, my lips grinding against your mound. A wet finger slips in rubbing in circles around your love bud, making you shudder. I lean my shoulder against you to hold you as I feel your knees weaken and look up to see your lower lip quiver as you pant. I shake my head faster twirling my tongue as it pulls you side to side feeling your warm walls yield to my probing tongue. I pause a moment trading spots with my finger, placing my tongue gently over your clit and two fingers sliding and twisting as they push in feeling your warmth and wetness sliding in and out with my fingers, curling and twisting their way deep into you. Your juices flowing onto my fingers and down my hand. Your moans increase as our rythm increases, pumping faster and faster into your panting and shaking body, I realize you can’t stand any longer and I hug you gently lowering you to the ground. You pull me down on top of you and

I’ll add the future responses here as we write them for as long as it goes :-)

5 responses

  1. of course I totally agree! one of my favorite people on imvu i’ve never met in person, its just been a series of vignettes and poems… but notes are a great and under-used way to keep in touch with people who you may not be able to see as often as you’d like. and can be crazy hot too.

    May 6, 2012 at 12:08 pm

  2. A message about this post someone sent:

    I was reading the “sexy notes” while I was on the train this morning. OMG, I only could read up to the part “grabs my nightie at both sides” with my phone, and that was enough for on the train. Funny, this super cute redhead was sitting right in front of me with really long hair over the back of the bench almost in my lap. I almost started to comb it with my fingers! Probably not a good idea! Unless she was reading the same note? LOL.

    May 14, 2012 at 7:34 pm

  3. Another neat note I got that was so beautiful I had to share it:

    Look inside my heart, and you will find a secret. place reserved for you, and you alone… Look inside my soul, and you will feel my love, washing in waves over every, moment of our sharing… Look inside my thoughts, and you will see silver stars, dancing our names, across the heavens… Look inside my life, and you will know, that love has etched your name, on my very soul, with the words I LOVE YOU.

    May 15, 2012 at 4:19 pm

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