A land where anything is possible

the president of imvu

Even the President uses IMVU on his oval office laptop, (but don't tell Michelle).

I mentioned in the post about Susan’s Wipeout Video, that it would be neat to have an oval office room in imvu. It was just a random thought as I was writing. Well wouldn’t you know it, a few hours later I got an invite to her oval office. We had a blast. We found some Obama masks and a Clinton mask and had a great time.

We don’t usually talk about politics much in here because this place is so international and you don’t want to turn people off unnecessarily. But there are so many possibilities with this. I can see being able to make mock commercials, funny remarks about current events or even staining a blue dress. I think Susan will probably make this room public too, and I’ll link that here so you can make your own imvu fun. The point though is like the title suggests, imvu really is the land where absolutely anything is possible.

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