IMVU Marriage is an acknowledgement of Priorities

Holly is my loving imvu wife
Real life marriage is a obviously one of the most important commitments that we make in life. Being happily married irl, it definitely scared me when I first heard about IMVU weddings. I was afraid that it would hurt my real life situation. Fortunately a year later I can tell you that it doesn’t necessarily hurt and can actually help.

Imvu marriages vary more in terms of who and even how many can marry more than they do in real life. And what it means varies even more too. Most people like to picture a real life marriage level of commitment but in reality it can be almost anything you can imagine or the two of you want. To me it all boils down to making your partner your priority and some commitment level. And no matter how you treat it, I think being married in here is definitely a good thing.

In life many people have a drive (your internal clock) pushing you to marry. In here you don’t have that. There is no expectations or parents looking for grand kids or feeling like you have to get married or you’re living in sin. In fact the opposite is probably true, there are so many distractions and temptations in here it seems like some type if singles paradise. So why would anyone get married in here?

I don’t think many people getting married In here do it to make a commitment. I think they do it to acknowledge the commitment they already feel. Marriage in imvu varies in terms of openness from exclusive to wide open. But the common thing both of these extremes have is that you make the other person your priority. You get married to tell them that and show them that they are your priority. That’s when you realize another imvu secret a lot of people don’t realize. IMVU is actually much more fun as a team sport.

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  1. rubyswabbit

    I have been married in Imvu for over 7 months My twin sister which is a priestess on IMVU Married us, and in real life for over 4 months! We wanted an open marrage and we were commited to have each other the # 1 person in each others life! Sometimes a person would try to break us up but we servived because we love each other! My wife knows that my rl wife is # 1 but in IMVU no one is higher then my FokyKat! Also as the months have past by we seem to have less outside romances only because we could be decided not too!

    April 16, 2012 at 5:44 pm

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