What makes IMVU more than a chat program?

Katy asked this question, “What makes IMVU more than a chat program?” this afternoon in the comments on the post about getting started in IMVU. She’ll probably have some more to add but I’ll try to answer this. I think she was comparing it to something like yahoo messenger or text messages. Part of the answer is obviously the visual component but I think there’s more to it than that.

I think it’s the variety and customizability of it that makes it feel so real that you start to associate with it to the point of being able to feel it. If you make it look like yourself and spend hours and hours with it, you really feel it on an emotional level. Just like when you are in a sexy pose even if you weren’t really in the mood but when you started, you almost can’t help but feel sexier. The visual aspect makes it feel more real and combined with the communication, creates often makes very powerful emotions.

The emotions are what makes this feel more real and so much more than just texting. It’s more than a game and more than chatting. I think it might have been Katy that described it as the early stages of the Holo Deck, from Star Trek. You really can go anywhere or do anything, and be anyone you want here. It’s less than real life, but it does feel real not in a physical way necessarily, but at least in an emotional way. The people are real and the emotions are real, even if you’re not really there.

We weren’t really flying but emotionally I think we were. This seems like as good of an example as any, to show why this is more than just chatting. But you also have to realize that this is a wonderful loving friend that I am extremely close to, too. It’s a absolutely amazing feeling to let your walls down and share this type of loving fantasy with someone you really care about.

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  1. wendyrueb

    Kait, I must give my compliments with another of your great stories and sweet and beautiful video that you made. I am honored if I’ve watched the entire video clip. This is so incredibly beautiful and so sweet :). Indeed you are right, I agree that IMVU is more than just chatting but it does tend to create strong emotions. Fortunately, we have a circle of close friends and we can share happiness, sadness but also our feelings with each other. There is always someone with a listening ear at that moment for you online with who you could share these feelings. Often, just that one time of the airing of your heart can do so much good for that person and could let the sun shine behind the clouds. This has nothing to do with the chat on IMVU but with the people you love and your close with and about the person behind the avi at IMVU. That is for me and with me many more, more than worth it :). That’s why I proud may say “Dear friends I love you all”. xxx Wendy

    When you believe in Fairies
    They will make your dreams come true
    Will you believe in wonders
    Of the stars and the moon
    Believe in magic
    From the fairies above
    They will dance for you on flowers
    And sing sweet songs of love
    And if you just believe
    And always tells the truth
    The fairies will be close
    To watch all over you

    April 3, 2012 at 4:53 pm

    • I love your poem Wendy! Thanks so much for sharing that.

      April 3, 2012 at 6:53 pm

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