How does being Married irl affect my imvu?

my imvu girl
Being married irl means I’m just here for fun to some degree. I guess everyone is but more specifically it means I can’t cross into real life. Anything irl to me becomes cheating and could definitely mess up my real life and my ability to come in here all together.

I have to put RL first more than my single friends. They have to put it first too but it’s more mandatory if you’re married not to mention have kids. The most likely reason for me to have to leave here is probably if my husband has a problem with it. So I obviously have to be more sensitive in that area.

I have seen several married people have problems or at least issues. I don’t feel like that really takes away too much from my experiences here though. In some ways being careful frees me up and lets me have more fun. Being married also makes me nervous sometimes about being too serious or close emotionally to guys. Maybe I compensate with girls who are better at the soft emotional side. Guys often seem to only want sex which I understand. It’s when it goes to much past that, I start to get nervous.

I love sex but really love the intimacy most and don’t actually even need sex for that. Sometimes single people think married people don’t get lonely. They can be even more lonely. I honestly have fewer options than single people and they are all pretty negative. So maybe being married I’m more dependent on this. One other side note I realized recently is that I can’t just change my name and hide if someone was hassling me because of the website.

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  1. feeling sick tonight… so will just say.. right on… ditto… yeppers. ~giggles~

    March 20, 2012 at 11:12 pm

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  6. Anonymous

    Sooo true!!! There can be a lot of fun here and a lot of friends. Great freinds stick by u think and thin. You know that more than most, Kaitlyn :) I’m here for fun, friends, relax, to escape and hopefully grow a little bit too. Life throws challenges and some you can’t (and shouldn’t) run away from. It is soo much more fullfilling to share, connect and grow in here and real life!

    March 21, 2012 at 7:46 pm

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