Poems or poetry, where do I start, when and for whom?

How do you write a nice poem? The most times when you write a poem you want to share this with someone special. This could be someone you like very much like family but also for someone you love very much. In fact, a poem usually quite nice as it comes straight from your heart. This could be happy or sad poems but also sweet love poems are very good in taste. Sometimes the words just came into your head in a few seconds and sometimes you spend hours to think before you’ve found the right words. Try to write a poem not always too long but make also some minor poems. Even a poem by 4 or 6 lines can be enough. Usually I try to write poems in the messages that I send at my IMVU friends and the whom I love very much. Maybe you could try that sometimes too :)). I’m afraid I have already written quite a few :) and I hope that whoever gets these messages will read this with a big smile and hopefully hold a good positive feeling for that day. This with a big “wink” to the people who receive some messages…giggles

Read the full poetry post for a few tips how to write a poem

• Create a clear subject before you start, so your poem does not ramble on the jumps. This is very important! Write about things that interest you or that you really like or care about, then it usually works best.
• Rhyme not too much, that just gives trouble to read and read so uncomfortable. A clear rhyme scheme gives peace to your readers and they will usually find better your poem. Let not each line on the next line rhymes, etc..
• If your rhymes, rhyming words then choose carefully. Do not choose better words because they rhyme another word rhyming. Take care to make your poem more beautiful or benefit.
• When there came a beautiful or fun sense into your head? Write those lines for yourself and maybe you can use them later for one of your poems.
• Read before you even know what poetry is some poetry yourself.
• Say never, I can’t write poetry. Look around: Poetry is in the behavior of people on the street. Poetry is everywhere and dwells inside you. Look in the mirror and look at yourself there will be a poet in you.

Now I will write a few poems and hope to be an inspiration to everyone who reads this.

Look …

Look inside my heart
and you will find a secret place
reserved for you
and you alone …

Look inside my soul
and you will feel my love
washing in waves over every moment
or sharing our …

Look inside my thoughts
and you will see silver stars
dancing our names across the heavens …

Look inside my life
and you will know
that love has etched your name
on my very soul.

When u make a poem as above try to hold some spaces between different parts and adds a space sometimes. This will read it easier for everyone.

Love you …

Knowing that you love me,
gives me wings
Having your heart,
gives me the energy to do everything
Getting your hugs and kisses,
is being in heaven

As you can see a short poem could be very dear when you written it especially for someone special :).

I hope that this column inspiring everyone who read this and I hope it will bring good responses. Don’t be afraid when you need help. I’m always polite to help you when I could. I’m curious about all your reply’s…xxx kisses Wendy.

3 responses

  1. wendyrueb

    Giggles…never thought I will be the first on with a reply at my own message :). I bet that everyone who will read this will look up with a big smile…I love you all my dear friends and speak soon again with you all…xxx Wendy

    Real friends
    Lean on each other,
    Sometimes bother
    Mistakes that the other makes
    But untill the end of the days,
    Forgive each other
    Whatever it takes

    March 18, 2012 at 2:59 pm

  2. princess nancy janet


    July 2, 2012 at 12:51 pm

    • Wendy

      Well thank you so much, I try to do my best :))

      July 9, 2012 at 1:52 pm

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