How and when to whisper

sexy imvu posesI’ve met a couple people lately that didn’t know how to whisper which is kind of basic but I thought I’d mention it. First of all you have to be a VIP or be whispering to a VIP. It’s not a huge deal but its one of the more valuable perks of being a VIP to me.

To whisper all you have to do I’d mouse over their name and a couple options appear, the i, add a friend (if their not already a friend) and the whisper button. Click that button and you’re whispering only to that person.  Nobody else in the room will hear what you tell them.  It’s Important to remember though, that even though other people can’t hear you, if you say things that trigger motions other people will see that. So you might want to put a period before or after the first word to prevent that on words like yes, no, what, when, or lol.  Voice boxes will also work and only the person you are whispering to will hear it even if you’re moaning your butt off, lol.

Imvu tells you how to whisper somewhere I’m sure, but they don’t tell you when or when not to. You obviously have to whisper some things that are sensitive and you don’t want other people to hear. You may also want to whisper in a crowded room or at ceremonies or when you’re not supposed to talk. Whispering is also more intimate and a good way to get someone’s attention or flirt quietly. It’s also especially important if you are getting frisky. Even if the other couple in the room is too, it’s nice because it makes it easier to read. The exception is if you are an exhibitionist or want someone else in the room to hear. (I go out sometimes and pretend not to know Holly and she likes to watch me being sexy with someone. Hope that’s not TMI.)

Like anything, though, it’s also important not to over do whispering. Too much whispering kind of dampers the fun and openness of the room. And trying to coordinate between three people via whispering can be a pain. I’ve done three way whispering but is a lot of work copying and pasting everything.

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  1. quidlyn

    another useful post! there is also something romantic and illicit about whispering sweet nothings in a crowded room. S- has also used it effectively when it is just the two of us. It makes that message particularly special.

    it also is useful sometimes for more mundane things too. and often times certain conversations are just better when its more personall and 1 on 1. I actually generally prefer 1 on 1 conversations and get a bit overwhelmed when there are a lot of people. but you are right, i always prefer to minimize whispers. i’d prefer to be inclusive whenever possible.

    one annoyance though is that I often have the bottom window closed–its more immersive to just read the speech bubbles. but as far I know, there’s no way to tell from the speech bubbles alone when something is a whisper.

    March 12, 2012 at 5:44 pm

    • Yes you’re right it is nice to lean close and whisper in their ear, and then put the next line in a whisper that only they can hear/see. And your point about appreciating one on one conversations is a good one. You can have a relationship with more people when in a larger group, but you have more intimate relationships when you spend time one on one. This is another point that deserves it’s own post, on the width and number of relationships you get in your own popular room or dancing for instance, versus the depth of the relationships and intimacy from mostly PCs.

      March 12, 2012 at 8:19 pm

  2. Wendy

    Kait i’m so jealous about all your story’s and how you write it so easily…:). Read this one too about the whisper possibility you have when you are a VIP member. Sometimes it could be very useful to whisper like in your reply when you will spend some time one on one when you have a intimate relationship with the other person in the room. Sometime it could be very useful too when you know how to whisper with someone to let you know that you have a strange feeling for the person next to you that came in the room. It comforts people when you can whisper about that person without them even noticing. Not in a mean way, because I always say Hi to anyone that came in. Be nice to everyone and whisper when you want or need to use it…one on one or when it could help u comfort in a room. Thanks for your wonderful and helpful story again…xxx Wendy

    March 13, 2012 at 6:36 am

    • Kaitlyn whispers: I love whispering with you… ;)

      March 13, 2012 at 11:38 am

      • Wendy

        Giggles and I love whispering with you and whisper in your ear that I love you…-smiles-

        March 13, 2012 at 1:19 pm

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  9. Anonymous

    Hi Kaitlyn,

    I have a whispering experience I would like to share. Actually because of my whispering “blunder” that is how I came across your fantastic website. The other night I was talking with a friend and she had to go. I still had some time so I went into my friends and looked to see who was online to chat with. I saw that one of my good friends was in a public room so I went there to say hello.

    First i need to explain about my friend. She is a “sub” and is “owned” by a mistress. I am very naive about this genre and I do not even remember how we became friends but we did, and I hold her dear to me. Maybe because when she talks she talks in the third person and I think it is cute! Like, “Collette like talking with you” or “Collette very happy today”. So anyway, like I said I went to the room she was in and here she was all tied up with a gag in her mouth! I asked if she needed help? She said mmuff nfssmmmf or something like that. LOL I asked if she wanted me to remove the thing in her mouth? She nodded yes and then we could talk. She said she was being punished and it was alright. She was being punished for disobedience. More on that later.

    We talked about stuff and I gave her a friendship piece of jewelry and she put it on. We are sitting on the sofa and into the room comes a mistress and sits next to me. Also another one comes and sits on the other side of me. They are a bit larger than me and they start to ask me questions. If there is an avatar sweating pose I really needed to activate it here. In the meantime my friend put the gag back in and is on the floor now. Like I said, I am totally out of my element and really scared and nervous.

    I am answering all the questions totally wrong cause I do not know what I am talking about and when I get nervous I talk even more! My friend is whispering to me cause she is not supposed to talk cause her mistress put the gag in her mouth. Well my friend is frantically saying “whisper to me” “do not talk” “stop saying k” “stop saying ok” “what is wrong with you ?” I did not know that certain keywords like the ones I use cause your avatar to nod or raise arms or something. Thus, the other SMARTER people in the room know I am whispering to someone. I also did not know why my friend was asking me to not say these words.

    I just figured I was being my silly, noob, ditzy self and she was embarrassed of me or something? Maybe cause I was using cute words with Mistresses who are probably not very cutesy. I was also scared cause I did not know if she can even have a friend? Would she get worse punishment than tied up cause of me? Would her Mistress get mad at me cause I gave her the jewelry that she still had on? Would she hit me or something? I am a big baby when it comes to fighting! I was almost ready to start crying!!! Her and I are just friends, and have never been intimate, but does her mistress know this?

    Anyway, because I did not know about whispering (I really had never even used it before) I got my friend in hot water with someone she truly cares about and I almost got booted or worse. I also upset my friend and almost could have caused her to unfriend me which would make me very sad. She promptly messaged me and explained about whispering and told me how dumb I looked! I will do my homework from now on before getting in any situations again. So, now I know…put a * or something in front of the word you say when whispering!

    May 8, 2012 at 10:49 am

    • Wow, that was so cute. And I bet you will NEVER make that mistake again. This is the type of thing that I like though because I think it’ll make it easier for a lot of people to remember and realize why it’s important.

      May 8, 2012 at 5:44 pm

      • ahhh, sorry to hear about that anonymous. the whole sub thing was so new to me too when i first joined but totally opened up a new world for me that was so scary and frightening at first but i’m so happy i found it…

        though on the whisper thing i’m not entirely sure if people really can see your actions (having studied the logs before). i think that might be a myth. we should test it.

        May 10, 2012 at 8:50 pm

  10. Yes you can definitely see the actions. I made a list of action words that when you put them at the start of a line,even whispering, will make actions.

    May 10, 2012 at 10:39 pm

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