Love the person behind the keyboard

I’ve had the privilege of sitting in on some very interesting (and deep) conversations with HollyKaren recently and one of the comments she whispered to me at one point stuck with me. This seems kind of related to the last post, and the one before that, oh and the one before that even too. Maybe it’s a theme or even something bigger. Love the person behind the keyboard.

It’s an even more impressive when you realize that this was whispered in response to a discussion of drama. But maybe this is the lesson hidden in my to the trouble with Morgan. She was upset and lashing out a little. It happens and the cause isn’t the issue. The lesson is that the best response isn’t to respond at all, but to love the person behind the keyboard. That might seem too simple and it’s easier to say than do (as all good advice is). But it’s probably one of the most powerful tips not just for IMVU but for life.

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