Guys hunt, girls flirt

cutest imvu girlsPeople are anonymous in here so you can say or do anything to some degree. But in general we tend to behave a lot like the way we do in real life. In general girls flirt more and try hard to make themselves attractive and want to be chased and seduced.  

Guys tend to be more hunters. Confidence is sexy and conversation skills are important. But they tend to be much more focused on sex. Relationships are often a distant second. 

This is one of the ways girls can often tell when a guy is pretending to be a girl. The epitome of this is when someone comes into a room and immediately asks for sex, out loud or in whispers. Real girls don’t do that because we are taught or have learned to be selective and want to make the other person want us. We flirt and require more build up. Guys can just jump in and don’t need much build up. 

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