IMVU is not for kids

under age imvu userIMVU isn’t for kids. I say this as a mother and a former kid. As much as we don’t want to admit it when we’re young there is a time and place for things and this isn’t the place for kids. There are so many ways kids can chat and talk to their real friends this is just the wrong place for them. I don’t like to talk to people who say they’re 18. (people under 18 usually say they’re 18, not into their 20s)

They really need to be like 21 or more to even start to feel comfortable. And even then you’ll often get more drama. So my advice is to err on the side of caution. I probably don’t need to say that to most of the readers here but just in case, please for your own good as well as theirs this is one rule you really shouldn’t ever break for any reason. I can do a lot of fun things on here but this is a serious no no and bad for everyone.

The image above and the chat below (or on the post page if you’re looking at this on the home page) is an actual conversation I had today where someone said she was 14. When this happens just urge them as politely and sincerely not to do this. I don’t know that there’s really anything more we can do except to each do the right thing. This site is also for adults only but I still try to keep it Rated R, and use passwords if something is too strong. If you think I’ve shown too much in some area please let me know and I’ll try to do better. We can all have fun and enjoy this but have an obligation to at least try to minimize the corruption.

Reburned has joined the chat
Kaitlyn: Hello….
Reburned: Hai.
Reburned: How ru?
Kaitlyn: I’m good how are you?
Reburned: I’m okay.
Reburned: Nice outfit u have there.
Kaitlyn: you look like you’ve had a tough day
Kaitlyn: or maybe night… ;)
Reburned: Oh yes, i have been having a tough day today.
Kaitlyn: I don’t think we talked before
Reburned: Me either.
Reburned: I’m guessing ur name is Kaitlyn?
Kaitlyn: lucky guess.
Reburned: My name is Sara.
Kaitlyn: nice to meet you sara!
Reburned: Nice to meet you too Kaitlyn.
Kaitlyn: funny you don’t look like your picture :)
Kaitlyn: heheee
Kaitlyn: I’m so tempted but nervous to ask….
Reburned: Lol.
Kaitlyn: what do you like to do. she says timidly
Reburned: Oh, you sound so friendly to me i think i found a great person to be friends with.
Kaitlyn: careful you’re dripping on the floor too by the way
Reburned: Well i like to go om imvu of course ;)
Reburned: *on
Reburned: And i like to play on the laptop when i’m bored.
Kaitlyn: unhuh…. heheee
Reburned: I love making new friends too.
Kaitlyn: well it’s nice to meet you sara.
Kaitlyn: meet with two Es and no As… heheee
Reburned: You too.
Kaitlyn: giggle
Kaitlyn: bored is ok.
Kaitlyn: just not hungry…. ;)
Reburned: haha.
Reburned: How old are you Kaitlyn?
Kaitlyn: if she says she’s hungry… looking around for the door.
Reburned: lol.
Kaitlyn: I’ve had a couple anniversaries of my 39th birthday.
Kaitlyn: and have three kids, 4 to 14.
Kaitlyn: and you Sara?
Reburned: Oh nice.
Reburned: I’m 14 but it says i’m 18 haha.
Kaitlyn: really?
Reburned: Yes.
Kaitlyn: it doesn’t say anything
Reburned: oh i put it to NA.
Kaitlyn: this isn’t the place for a 14 year old.
Reburned: oh. o;
Kaitlyn: This is the internet your parents warned you about….
Kaitlyn: but I don’t think I have to tell you that.
Reburned: It’s okay, I’ve asked my parents if i can play this stuff.
Kaitlyn: there are some things that are unfortunately wrong in life whether you want to admit that or not.
Kaitlyn: and unfortunately this place rewards bad behavior
Kaitlyn: and will give you the wrong attitude if you spend too much time here before you’ve had a chance to find your own feet.
Kaitlyn: Your parents are wrong.
Kaitlyn: if they said you could or they just dont know.
Kaitlyn: you really should reconsider
Kaitlyn: but don’t worry
Kaitlyn: you have a lot of time left
Kaitlyn: and when you are older this will be even better.
Kaitlyn: there’s no rush.
Kaitlyn: enjoy your real friends and your real life
Kaitlyn: honestly.
Reburned: Rhank You Kaitlyn.
Reburned: *Thank
Kaitlyn: I know you won’t want to hear that but it s the truth
Reburned: I know it’s the truth.
Reburned: Thanks for the hug.
Reburned: I just need some help you know.
Kaitlyn: I wish you the best
Kaitlyn: this isn’t the place to get it.
Reburned: I wish i was you :)
Kaitlyn: you will have plenty of time
Reburned: I know i will.
Kaitlyn: you’ll wish you were younger even more later one
Kaitlyn: so don’t make the wrong decisions so early
Reburned: I won’t.
Kaitlyn: Have a good weekend.
Reburned: You too.
Kaitlyn: and please think about it.
Reburned: Reburned: I will.
Reburned: I swear.
Kaitlyn: :)

8 responses

  1. Dreamman4u AKA: Davr

    when someone says they are underage in a conversation I hit the flag or the block and turn them in immediately, reporting the chat. Let imvu handle it. It’s the only way. if they say they are younger than their posted age I may do it too. You mistyped your Birthday? ya sure Come on!

    February 12, 2012 at 7:35 pm

    • Very good suggestion, I probably should have done that too! I am learning here too.

      February 12, 2012 at 10:07 pm

  2. Unfreak

    I’ve been on IMVU for awhile, and I am 15. Minors shouldn’t be on the adult side of IMVU. IMVU for me gave me the expeirnces with friends I could never have in real. The drama, relationships, the fun, staying up all hours making jokes. I can’t do that in real because I’m socially awkward, but I feel better on IMVU, more confidence. I’ve learned how to use proper typing and sentence structure from IMVU, and still working on it. I learn what it’s like in other countries trough friends, IMVU in my opinion, is great for kids, if they use it for good, but I must say there are 13 year olds who cyber and end up asking random people out, which disgusts me greatly. IMVU has good and bad qualities, but don’t say someone should be on IMVU or not, you can tell them what’s good and bad on here, but don’t tell them they can’t be online. Only my opinion.

    March 25, 2012 at 5:14 pm

    • Unfreak, It does sound like you have a good attitude about it and are at least trying to use it responsibly. I didn’t say minors wouldn’t like it. Clearly that’s not true. I will also grant you that some may use it reasonably and get some benefit from it. But the fact that you like it or that you sound like you’re using it responsibly doesn’t mean by itself that it’s good for you or for minors in general. You admitted that many minors aren’t using it appropriately, so even if you are, you certainly can’t generalize and say that it it is OK for minors in general.

      I also didn’t say that they couldn’t, I said that they shouldn’t. And if it’s detrimental to a significant amount of children, then I think it’s safe, even necessary to say that they shouldn’t be on here. Even if individually they each feel they are handling it well and they like it. Unfortunately as a minor we often think we can handle things before we are ready. It’s not your fault, it’s part of being a minor. We all think we know more than our parents and can handle anything. But the reality is that there are reasons why it’s better to wait for some things in life. Children grow up fast enough today and have enough to worry about.

      I’m not suggesting that minors should be banned. I’m suggesting that this isn’t a place for minors in general. But I also believe in individual liberty and think the decisions in this should be made by the people that know the individual and the situation the best. In general it’s not a place for children, but that doesn’t supersede your and your parents or guardians right to decide what’s best for you. I hope that’s fair and balanced, not that my opinion matters with anyone other than my own children.

      March 25, 2012 at 5:42 pm

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  4. Sadie

    The best for kid is horseland

    February 16, 2013 at 9:26 pm

  5. Avery

    I’m a minor but of course I don’t lie about my age. I stay on the teen’s side of imvu.
    I definitely think it is important to play it safe, though. Today, a girl said she was 14 but she started to get kinda creepy.

    Her: I bet ur hot
    Her: Do u have skype?
    Me: Yeah but I don’t use it
    Her: I wanna see u
    Me: No thanks ._.
    -no response-
    Me: I’m gonna go, see ya

    I always try to avoid things too personal. That’s why I just hang out in the furry clubs. All we do there is talk about stuff like what kind of music we like.

    January 29, 2014 at 8:57 pm

    • Good for you! :)

      I actually do the same thing if people say that. That’s not just because of your age at all. Its a safety thing and a pervert/jerk go away thing. The only reasons for that are bad regardless of your age.

      January 31, 2014 at 10:45 am

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