Who is IMVU good for?

imvu is good for and made up of all kinds of people
I just started making a list of who IMVU is good for. I thought there would probably only be a handful of people when I started this list but it just kept growing. This is another one of those posts that I think visitors will have a lot of good things to add, because the list seems to keep growing the longer I think about it and talk to people.

  1. Single mothers with children or anyone with no social life.
  2. Anyone that feels younger at heart.
  3. Shy or inexperienced guys looking to learn and gain some confidence
  4. People with any type of Handicap, that want to feel and interact normally with friends
  5. Anyone physically restricted whether for legal reasons health reasons or geographical reasons
  6. Anyone that travels a lot and wants to be able to see their friends where ever they are
  7. Physically or emotionally abused people who want a place to have fun in a safe way
  8. Anyone looking to experiment either sexually or in almost any interpersonal direction
  9. Anyone that wants to change something about themselves
  10. People with unusual fetishes and tastes
  11. Perverts, Sex addicts and ??
  12. Lesbians or anyone interested or experimenting in that area
  13. People into vampires, demons, furry colorful animals or almost anything you can imagine
  14. Anyone who just went through a devastating breakup
  15. Guys who want to be girls (or vice versa) and pathological liars
  16. Married people who just want more intimacy and to feel sexy in a safe way
  17. Anyone bored or who can’t sleep at nights or needs an escape
  18. Shop-a-holics
  19. Exibitionists
  20. Nudists
  21. Anyone interested in clothing or computer design
  22. People looking to meet someone in another country
  23. People looking for a relationship with any of the above
  24. An outlet for designers and artists
  25. Anyone looking to waste a lot of time. :-)
  26. IMVU is good for Dreamers!
  27. ??? What else can you think of…

Almost as important as who it’s for is who it’s not for. It’s not for children except possibly without very close supervision. The faint of heart also have to be careful with it because it can be a little crazy, and no matter why you come here it will effect you in ways you probably aren’t expecting.

IMVU is good for and made up of ALL kinds of people, the most diverse population you’ve ever seen, and it can blow your mind if you’re not careful.

5 responses

  1. Anonymous

    as an outlet for designers and artists

    February 4, 2012 at 9:31 am

    • Good one I’ll add that, thanks :)

      February 4, 2012 at 2:22 pm

  2. serenityluv1

    I love IMVU!!! And I think I fit a few of the above! LOL! I don’t have much of a social life so it’s my outlet. People just don’t know how exciting it can be on there. It often reminds me of the move the Avatar!

    February 11, 2012 at 6:34 am

    • Nice to meet you Serenity. Yes, It does have some similarities to the Avatar movie, which I loved too. :)

      February 11, 2012 at 6:35 pm

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