Life Happens

We Miss, Love and Support you Kim

We miss you and Love and support you

We’ve all been through times of change and disruption in in our lives when things just got crazy (in our real life) and our virtual life suffered. I think this falls into the category of “Life Happens.”. This is exaggerated by the way time passes in here and a month can seem like almost a year in here.

So it may seem like a long time in here but also realize that it’s during these challenges that true friends prove themselves and true love shines. So when when you see someone going through these tough situations embrace and support them and you will have a bond that nothing can break.

I wrote this for and in response to the post missing Kim who moved across the country and started a new job. Let’s see are there any other things we can change at one time?!! But it honestly hits a little close to home with my Holly too who is obviously going through things too. So I say this with a lot of tears in both directions, saying to everyone as much as to myself, to hang in there and know that love will overcome.

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