57 Ways to show someone you love them in IMVU

This is a post I want other people to help add to. Leave a comment here or send me a message in IMVU (my screen name in IMVU is Kaitlyn if you don’t know me.) I will edit the list and add your suggestions.

  • Notes, especially ones with good letters or a mushy saying or story
  • Gifts (must have romantic special notes)
  • More notes, poems, compliments, and heart felt love
  • Telling them you love them in front of other people and mutual friends
  • Putting a picture of you both on your profile
  • Introducing them to your friends (as your GF or VBF or something sappy)
  • Going out of your way to spend time together
  • Be interested in their activities and the things they like
  • Make (develop) a picture of them or both of you for the wall in your room
  • Go shopping and get them things that show you know and care about them
  • Buy a shirt or necklace with their name on it or that says I love you and wear it with them.
  • Get a heart effect for after you have sex with them.
  • Invite them to fun different rooms, not just your default room.
  • Make them laugh.
  • Share sad times and be there for them when they need it.
  • Do real life things like eating a meal or watching a movie with them.
  • Pay attention to their fav songs and fav type of music and make a mix with their name.
  • If they are a developer send several people one of their newest items and ask them to leave you a good review. This makes the developer love you (you probably have to tell them though) and it also impresses the people you give the items too.
  • Write a prayer for them.
  • Take lots of pictures of them and make a photo album of just you and them.
  • Get a head sign that says I LOVE YOU and just put it on when they’re around.
  • Randomly just say you sneak over and kiss, caress, tease or spank them (in other words, little comments)
  • Get excited when they enter a room.
  • Send flowers or one gift every morning.
  • Have a custom voice box made with their name so you can call them by name or say I Love You Holly.
  • Go over board for birthday or any special event for them
  • Listen, really listen to them
  • Go to whatever room they are in.
  • But give them space
  • Dress a like (sometimes)
  • Adjust your look to things they like
  • Always be supportive and put their needs first
  • If someone gives you a gift let them see you using it.
  • Treat something they gave you as extra special and keep it with you.
  • Spend time with them even when you’re busy.
  • Share your fantasies
  • Figure out their fantasies and make them happen
  • Find their hot buttons and push them often
  • Plan dates together
  • Find fun rooms to share and explore with them
  • Accept them for who they are
  • We all have sore spots and weaknesses, understand and be careful of theirs
  • Accept their boundaries but know when to push them a little too.
  • Care about their needs more than your own
  • Never ever be jealous
  • Defend them
  • Edify them and put them on a pedastle
  • Be open and sharing
  • Be vulnerable
  • Cuddle often.
  • Include their fav positions, or imvu dances in any room you make.
  • Find excuses to touch them.
  • Get a tattoo with their name on it or just that says taken.
  • Teach them how to do something
  • Take a virtual class about something you are both interested in.
  • If they have a job in here whether it’s as a dancer or developer, help them do it or do it with them.
  • Play a virtual game with them

10 responses

  1. quidlyn

    such a great list. i especially like the do random things. there’s a great new youtube/viewer player that makes it so easy to watch/listen to music together. it’s often the little things in life that help create intimacy.

    January 22, 2012 at 4:42 pm

  2. quidlyn

    (most of these are inspired by my fiancee, ilu S-)
    share your fantasies
    figure out their fantasies and make them happen
    be there for the bad not just the good (oh u said that)
    plan dates together
    accept them for who they are
    accept their boundaries
    care about their needs more than your own
    avoid jealousy
    defend them
    be open and sharing
    be vulnerable
    find excused to touch them.
    get a tattoo

    January 23, 2012 at 5:02 pm

  3. WOW I love them! I’m embarrassed though not to have thought of Share Your Fantasies, duh. Bad Kait! But good Katy!!! I’m adding these to the list! Now we’re up to 53 :-)

    January 23, 2012 at 5:15 pm

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