A Big Study (Fantasy intro)

IMVU Nurse Kait
I wrote this fantasy for someone that had a breast enlargement fantasy and I thought this was a fun way to start it out. It’s a kind of long intro but you get the idea at least.

An evaluation research study, sounded harmless so I went along with my roommate to see if we could qualify. They said it paid a lot of money because it was hard to qualify for the guy doing the interview was more than a little creepy and seemed more interested in my measurements and social life than my medical background. I almost didn’t take it since my girlfriend didn’t make it but it sounded harmless and I could really use the to grand. I guess I should have read the fine print better. I didn’t even realize it was only women or think much about that at the time.

When I showed up a very sexy woman in a lab coat gave me a hospital gown and asked me to change. It may have been a hospital gown but it was at least a couple sizes too small. I’m not overly endowed but the account was very tight and fitted more than the usual backing gown.

The gorgeous nurse took my temperature and took very detailed measurements of my breasts, but I could hardly take my eyes off her enormous breasts which seemed like they were about to pop right out of her lab coat has she moved in front of me. At one point her hands lingered for a moment as she measured and she complemented me. I smiled because she was so attractive and watched as she wrote a few things quickly on a chart. (Continued….)

Suddenly the door opened and an older man stepped in, obviously a doctor by his lab coat and the old-fashioned black bag he carried. He smiled warmly as he saw me and the nurse said to him, she’s ready and seems to be an excellent candidate.

Before the door closed another nurse passed by the hall with what appeared to be equally enormous breasts like the nurse in the room with me. The doctor started to say something but my mind wandered back to the receptionist and I realized she had been extremely well endowed too, although I haven’t really thought much about it at the time. I wondered about. Has the doctor was talking. Suddenly I felt a small sting in my arm as the doctor said something about relaxing me. The room started to wobble and get foggy as I laid back into the bed. The next thing I knew…

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  2. Ally sent me a link to a story that had a lot of similarities, but was the full story. So if you were intrigued by breast enlargement fantasies, Read this and then use the idea and leave some tips or feedback on how you liked it.

    January 23, 2012 at 2:24 am

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