Engineered to be Sexy

Half animal half girl, all sexyA little bit longer Fantasy Intro for sexy play with a Sexy Furry:

You’ve worked hard for years to find the right mixture of animal and human basically combining the strength and stamina of the best animals and the intellect of a human. You’ve spend most of that time in a lab coat with computer screens full of data and DNA modeling programs. But finally you are able to do more actual testing and evaluating because they are almost ready and these may be the ultimate prototypes if things go well.

The race for the perfect pet, companion, partner is really heating up. You started a small biotech company and have invested everything in this but it could easily be worth billions. You have tested and measured all that you can and you can only tell how human a creature is so much with lab tests. You are finally starting to hands on real life testing.

You have truly beautiful beings with apparently human sexes that the only way to really see how human they really are is to take off the lab coat and get close. All the ones you are currently working with our female, because you need to be able to control their reproduction and you will need mostly females once they go into production too. The results on the latest ones have been very exciting to say the least. You have worked hard to develop an awesome combination of human emotions, sexuality and an animal drive and strength. (Read the rest of this longer intro)

Tests so far show that you’ve been able to get a human intellect but the best you’ve been able to do is that of a teenager. You think personally that a bimbo a sex crazed bimbo might be a better description but don’t want to write that down on the reports. But that’s understanding to some degree since the one of the board’s top priorities was a very high sex drive to put it mildly.

Yes it is your own company but the board of directors is mostly made up of the investors and the corporation needed rapid breeding for production purposes as well as the personal appeal. Of course the retail versions will be sterile to insure repeat purchases but you worry what this could do to society or even the human race if this was released unchecked.

Fortunately the rules about DNA experimentation and sterilization don’t apply as strictly on these as they do on humans. But you have to admit the last one or two are probably the best sexiest genetic human you’ve ever seen outside of the movies. Pinky has the freshest trusting almost loving personality of the best golden retriever, the personality of a bimbo and the sex drive of horny rabbits. Teenagers today spend so much time playing violent video games and see so much on the Internet that they seem to have lost the innocence they once had, but these loving creatures don’t have that or many issues that you can see.

The board has to be finicky though after the bad PR of the first ones so they are requiring an enormous amount of testing before these can are ready to be revealed. Maybe you are biased because you did a lot of the design work and preference modeling but these seem just about perfect. But you aren’t going to complain because you have been enjoying the testing stage personally much more than you thought you would.

To find a good room for this, just search for LAB or LABS. There are several interesting ones. Get yourself a lab coat or hospital gown and a furry friend! I’ll add some more pictures for this in a little bit…

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Ally has joined the chat

Ally: splashes the water playfully

Kaitlyn: sitting down quietly and enjoying the cool night air

Ally: stick my toe in it and then hops back hissing at it

Kaitlyn: we didn’t get very far from the lab but the park have here is nice at night

Kaitlyn: it’s fun to watch her play

Kaitlyn: and explore and try new things

Kaitlyn: she seems to like the collar and jewelry

Ally: cuddels up on you hissing at the water mt lean body shaking slightyl*

Kaitlyn: but seems reluctant to wear any clothes

Ally: * my tail twitching

Kaitlyn: she has never seen this much water cats don’t usually like water

Kaitlyn: feeling her tail wrap around me

Kaitlyn: I smile and realize it’s a sign of affection

Kaitlyn: I put my arm around her and hold her

Kaitlyn: she seems happy and content

Kaitlyn: I hold her close and caress her breasts whispering softly into her ear

Ally: slinks my body around you my soft fury breast rubbing agaisntr your back*my hands seeming to be unable to not touch you erotically*

Kaitlyn: she does have strong sex drive

Kaitlyn: I was reluctant to go along with that originally

Kaitlyn: but I’m glad we did

Kaitlyn: I feel so close to her I try to hide it but

Ally: looks at you curiously as my nipples harden under tyour caress

Kaitlyn: playing with her nipples and seeing her feel it is fun

Ally: softyl side a hand ontoy our breast, mimicking your action

KaitlynKaitlyn : she squirms and doesn’t know what to do

Kaitlyn: mmmmm oh maybe she does

Ally: purrs softyl from the affection

Kaitlyn: I guess there’s no hiding my erect nipples

Kaitlyn: caressing and pulling and twisting and apples more I leaned close and snuggle into her hair

Kaitlyn: I love the feeling of her fine hair in my face

Kaitlyn: wishing I could purrr as I feel her melting into my arms

Ally: whipers excitedly, not know wahts happening but loving the feeling so much, as though im supposed to respond*

Kaitlyn: feeling all tingly as she caresses me back

Kaitlyn: come lay down and relax

Kaitlyn: not wanting to get her to crazy

Kaitlyn: I feel so relaxed andcomfortable with her

Kaitlyn: my hand slides on her speak sexy body

Ally: follows obedientyl, not knowing how to act anyother way, alwsy doing waht im told*

Kaitlyn: trying to maintain my professional demeanor but I can’t

Kaitlyn: she listens and loves so incredibly

Ally: *just wanting to please my owner*

Kaitlyn: my fingers gliding along soft sexy for tracing the spots casually

Ally: *wiggles happily and purrs*

Kaitlyn: caressing her hips and squeezing her ass as she smiles up at me

Kaitlyn: her tail twitches faster as I slide my hand

Kaitlyn: it’s amazing how much expression she has how much we can communicate without words

Kaitlyn: I’m trying to teach her some words yes no and so forth

Kaitlyn: she is very eager

Ally: looks at you and then without knowing why, palces a sfot kiss on your tummy

Kaitlyn: I suddenly realize my fingers are caressing her pussy

Kaitlyn: I suddenly stop but don’t move my fingers

Ally: softyl bites my lower lip and using the word ive learned

Ally: yesss?

Kaitlyn: I smile and say kiss

Kaitlyn: that was a kiss

Ally: mmm kisss?

Kaitlyn: and I lean forward and kiss her

Ally: kisses your tummy again

Kaitlyn: kiss I say again

Kaitlyn: yes kiss good and stroke her

Ally: surprised at fitrst

Ally: but then leanrs wuickly

Ally: kiss

Ally: and kisse syour lips softyl

Kaitlyn: that is so fun watching her learn so quickly

Kaitlyn: my fingers stroking again

Kaitlyn: justifying it as a reward but wanting to personally

Kaitlyn: her legs spread slightly and my fingers massaging and caress her

Ally: pushes my lean perfect body agains tyours * kiss? * and then kisse you agains soft and sweet

Kaitlyn: her tail flips around again wrapping around me

Kaitlyn: kiss I say.. And kiss her back

Kaitlyn: she has so much sexual energy it just spills out and I feel it

Kaitlyn: she looks at me with lust in her eyes as my fingers start to push gently into her pussy lips

Kaitlyn: she seems to almost the cooling as I slipped two fingers in gently twisting

Ally: learning fast i slip my tongue in yout rmouth and begin to kiss you hungrily, my affection pouring through my lips*

Kaitlyn: cooign*

Kaitlyn: the

Kaitlyn: surprised at her kiss but unable to stop

Ally: whimpers a sp pleasure flows through my body, spreading my legs wider

Kaitlyn: as her long tongue slips easily into my mouth

Kaitlyn: I moan and push my fingers and harder

Kaitlyn: my tong rubbing playing with hers

Ally: mmm yessss? i sat cofused and growing hornier

Kaitlyn: rubbing her clit with a finger as my hand pumps

Ally: my sexual programming taking over

Kaitlyn: I feel her whole body moving and shaking grinding against me

Kaitlyn: she can’t help but feel this can’t stop

Kaitlyn: she’s so horny that it makes me too

Ally: grinding and panting i pull you closer and hard

Ally: whimpeirn in heat

Ally: my body on fire

Ally: programmed to want theis so badly

Kaitlyn: watching her animal side take over

Kaitlyn: she shakes and moans and feels so much

Ally: *sofyl suckin gan dkissing your neck, my hands starting to dance across your body grwoling softyl into your ear*

Kaitlyn: it is interesting her purring turns to growel but in a good way

Kaitlyn: she is kissing and sucking and pulling on my clothes

Kaitlyn: she doesn’t like me to wear close I don’t think

Kaitlyn: giving n I slip out of them

Ally: freeing you of your outfit, i gentyl let my nipples brush across yours

Kaitlyn: feeling her soft for against my naked body makes me a little crazy to

Kaitlyn: she is so sexy so perfect

Ally: asmy hans droift acorss her now naked body, my hands come to her pussy, and something in my brain takes over

Kaitlyn: I can’t get enough of her

Kaitlyn: her fingers mimicking my moves

Ally: i pull away and look down at your intiomacy locking my lips*

Kaitlyn: I pump them into her and she puts her soft fingers into me

Ally: i look back at you * kiss?

Kaitlyn: kissing her

Kaitlyn: I love the way her tongue slides all the way into my throat

Kaitlyn: I pause for a second and wonder….

Ally: shakes head no as you let the kiss out and look back down at your intimacy again

Kaitlyn: I pull back and say kiss pointing at my lips

Ally: kiss?

Kaitlyn: and then moving my finger to her pussy

Kaitlyn: I kiss her pussy gently

Kaitlyn: my lips pressing against yours my tongue sliding

Ally: purs happily , and slides down your body till i get toyur intimacy

Kaitlyn: licking her as I slipped it into her wet pussy

Kaitlyn: squirming and twisting inside her

Kaitlyn: I feel her gyrating and enjoying it

Ally: wraps my legs around you, my pussy is warm wet and tastes like fuit and strwberries

Kaitlyn: she tastes soo delicious

Kaitlyn: mmmmmm

Ally: twist my self around so i can lean down and kiss your own pussy

Kaitlyn: I feel her passion building as I lick and slide my tongue

Kaitlyn: loving the feeling

Ally: kissed own your tummy, squirming and purring

Kaitlyn: she is so responsive so sexy it makes it so wonderful

Kaitlyn: like the best lover that appreciates everything so much

Kaitlyn: her tongue caressing me God

Kaitlyn: she pushes me down and straddles my face

Kaitlyn: her pussy pressed against my mouth

Kaitlyn: as her tongue devours my own pussy

Kaitlyn: oh God she reaches in so deep


Crashed and restarted…


Ally: i crawl forward on my hands and knnes toward you

Ally: entranced

Ally: purring

Kaitlyn: her soft hands caressing me as her tongue seems to know what to do

Ally: see ing your pussy and knowing exactyl waht im supposed to do

Ally: waht ivebeen programmed to do

Kaitlyn: feeling so incredible

Kaitlyn: each

Kaitlyn: she isn’t just incredibly sexy and driven

Kaitlyn: she seems to exude sex and make me crazy

Ally: softyl spreads your legs kissing your thighs gentyl

Kaitlyn: mmmmmmmm

Ally: licking and nuzzling them

Ally: my soft fur rubbing aginst you

Kaitlyn: all professionalism seems to have flown out the window I can’t get enough of her

Kaitlyn: such a good Such a good girl

Kaitlyn: her tongue filling my pussy

Ally: the pheremones ive been givin making you feel light headed

Kaitlyn: oh I’m so wet so ready

Kaitlyn: she is a goddess

Ally: my long soft tongue flicks at your folds

Kaitlyn: her tongue slipping in and feeling so good

Ally: and with a growl i slip my tongue ion deep and eager

Kaitlyn: feeling the passion building

Kaitlyn: i gyrate and bounce on her

Ally: i lap at your pussy hungrily

Kaitlyn: yes yes oh God so good

Ally: my tounge so long , foing so deep

Ally: filling you out

Ally: rubbing against your walls

Kaitlyn: feeling you sliding in and out caressing my inner walls oh yes

Kaitlyn: fuck fuck fuck

Ally: my soft furry hands caressing your legs

Kaitlyn: my whole body on fire as she pushes me

Kaitlyn: over the edge into the abyss

Ally: i happily alp at your juices

Ally: as they flow acoss my lip s and my tongue

Kaitlyn: My juices flowing gushing God coming so hard

Ally: i continie to lap

Ally: not letting you come down

Ally: kissing

Ally: sucking

Ally: teasing

Kaitlyn: coming coming coming coming coming

Kaitlyn: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Ally: programmed to make ytou cum as hard and as often as possible

Kaitlyn: oh God so good

Kaitlyn: mmmmmmm

Ally: sucking on your soft clitty

Ally: my tongue lapping and attacking it

Ally: sucking it hard

Ally: and eager

Ally: adoring your pussy with all my love

Ally: my attenoing

Kaitlyn: my head still spinning as she caresses and makes me

Ally: my ned to please

Kaitlyn: licks me

Kaitlyn: such an incredible combination

Ally: pinklie loves to make girsl cum so many times

Kaitlyn: yes yes yes oh God

Kaitlyn: smiling and thinking to myself this is huge

Kaitlyn: she is almost too perfect

Kaitlyn: but knowing that nobody else will feel quite as close and connected

Ally: slippin my long dleicat efingers in your pussy while i kiss hapily

Kaitlyn: I’ve probably shouldn’t have put quite so much of myself into her

Kaitlyn: mmmmmm

Kaitlyn > Ally: I want to please you to though. God you were awesome

Kaitlyn > Ally: trade spots

Kaitlyn > Ally: heheee

Ally: climbs up pon the chair looking confused

Kaitlyn: pushing her back into the seat

Kaitlyn: I throwall caution to the wind and kiss her wildly

Ally: (this wont take long giggles)

Kaitlyn: feeling such an animal inside that she’s brought out

Kaitlyn: Lapping at her pussy

Ally: arches my back and moans loudly

Kaitlyn: like a cat you can’t get enough milk

Ally: so sensitive

Kaitlyn: it’s my soft tongue squirming inside her

Kaitlyn: my fingers rubbing against her clit

Kaitlyn: the

Kaitlyn: mmmmm

Kaitlyn: so sexy yes so so good she is so responsive

Kaitlyn: she seems very orgasmic

Kaitlyn: multi-orgasmic for sure

Ally: my body starts to squirm and shake

Kaitlyn: feeling her squirm like she’s about to come I dig deeper and shove my tongue into her

Ally: moaning happily

Kaitlyn: she shakes and moans growls loudly

Kaitlyn: so sexy she is amazing

Ally: grabbing m ybreasts ans aqueezing lovingly my body startt o qusake hard

Kaitlyn: I can’t get enough of her lapping hungrily at her very pink pussy

Kaitlyn: she is one big pink pussy

Kaitlyn: I think to myself and giggle as she erupts

Kaitlyn: she seems so passionate and amazing

Ally: leans abck and witha animal growsl strts to gum

Kaitlyn: she squeezes her breasts and I shake my head back and forth rapidly

Kaitlyn: my tongue thrashing inside her

Kaitlyn: tasting her juices

Kaitlyn: God yes so good

Kaitlyn: sucking and enjoying the strawberry flavor

Kaitlyn: ohhhhf God so good

Ally: yessssssss!!!!!!

Kaitlyn: she is so adorable whimpering and shaking

Kaitlyn: I holds her squeezing her tight

Kaitlyn: my mouth is pressed against her pussy just playing squeezing holding

Kaitlyn: yes yes yes feeling her passion in my heart

Ally: grabs your hair and cumms soo ohard holding you close

Kaitlyn: that is strange I feel it more than I have before

Kaitlyn: it may be a connection between us that I hadn’t expected

Kaitlyn: suddenly slipping back into the scientist mode

Ally: bonfing to you , becoming forever your perfect love

Kaitlyn: they shut down human testing but this might get around that in a very important way

Kaitlyn: realizing how much I just felt that orgasm myself is really amazing

Kaitlyn: this is not just any pet

Kaitlyn: I crawl up and hug her kissing her and she instinctively hugs me back

Ally: mmmm suggles you close

Ally: loving you and adorjing you so much

Kaitlyn: mmmm

Ally: mm ill paly kitty with you anytime

Kaitlyn: caressing and loving youwith all my heart

Ally: so nice

Kaitlyn: mmmmm sooo sexy

Kaitlyn: I had sex earlier and figured I’d just play for you.

Kaitlyn: but gaaaaawd.

Kaitlyn: this animal makes me an animal

Kaitlyn: as muc as I make her human.

Kaitlyn: much*

Kaitlyn: there are so many interesting effects here.

Kaitlyn: we could make a cool movie out of this!

Ally: lol

Kaitlyn: shooot I hve to get dressed!

Ally: im all a flutter

Ally: yeah

Ally: you leavin soon

Ally: or are ther epeople there?

Kaitlyn: my oldest comes home in a min

Ally: ohhhh

Ally: giggles

Ally: ok

Ally: go get dressed


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  1. This was VERY hot, and I apologize if this is too much for the public side. Maybe I have to move it to the private password side? Let me know if you like it or get to use the idea too.

    January 17, 2012 at 5:46 pm

  2. TamaraTaste

    WOW!! a sexy story by 2 of the sexiest girls I know RAWWWRRR!

    January 18, 2012 at 1:03 am

  3. sexy baby

    October 18, 2013 at 10:57 am

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