Check every picture on

double check pictures with TinEye.comOne time one of my best friends got a picture from a girl friend and when I checked it on I found out that it was a picture of Sharon Stone. The person who sent it was from outside of the US and didn’t know who she was. They had just picked a pretty smiling picture from Google images not realizing it was a famous movie star in America. They also didn’t realize how easy it was to check pictures now. I have actually done this and found fake pictures several times.

The other thing many people don’t think about is what what this means. If someone, especially a partner, will lie about this and send a fake picture you can’t help but wonder what other things are they lying about. I also believe that the strong majority of fake female pics are put up by guys.  Guys are more visually oriented and I kind of think that a girl that’s not happy with her looks won’t put anything up.  But guys pick good looking pics because they think that’s more important.  This doesn’t mean anything individually but on average I think it’s true.

One last note:  Don’t try to be the picture police.  They will only attack you for pointing it out because when you can’t argue the issue, you attack the messenger.  There are only a few people in here that really hate me.  Most of them were caught using fake pics.  Ironically I don’t care that much, cause I’m good with guys too.  Now that isn’t officially the reason why any of them hate me.  But it kind of seems like more than a coincidence too.  Hopefully you can just pass on this post and not create any issues.  Sometimes you have to live and let live.

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