Don’t judge a book by it’s Cover

One of the most important lessons IMVU teaches you is that you can NOT judge a book by it’s cover. It’s as easy to change your whole outfit or even your entire body in here as it is to hug someone. The cutest girl can turn into the scariest vampire queen in the blink of in eye. It’s also all just virtual, so the pixels on the screen aren’t what ultimately matters. It’s the person and what’s in side that matters, more specifically their character and intellect.

Make your pixels as attractive and interesting as you can, but don’t be fooled by them. Learn to develop your IMVU vision and see into the heart of people. Because that’s one of the secrets that makes this place so special, the ability you develop to see past the pixels and connect directly into someone’s heart. That’s when you realize that the surface is virtual but the hearts underneath are real and can be very beautiful.

One response

  1. Morgan LaFlame

    Absolutely outstanding Kait!!!!!!!!!! I would like to mention what your positive message has left out though, as awesome as some people can be there are those among us that are not so good, be aware of aggressive and singularly minded people that have one thing on their mind and we all know what that is. Take time to know someone before excepting them into your IMVU life, develop that IMVU vision that Kaitlyn mention, although effective your own need’s will sometime blind you to what is really going on. Be mindful of others intentions.

    Ilu KaityWaity

    December 28, 2011 at 8:12 pm

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