Families come in all shapes and sizes

imvu demon familyvisiting a demon family
I am almost always at my limit of 100 rooms in my favorites, but sometimes I like to pick the weirdest or scariest room I can find and just explore and see what they do or what it’s like. It’s fun to dress appropriately and role play and see where it goes. The fun is that you never know what you’re walking into. I walked into a room recently called the empire of the blade and it was one of the most fearsome demon filled rooms.

It’s fun to do things that are outside of your comfort zone though, and I was actually quite impressed with the family orientation of the group. Sure they like to eat small animals, but they were a very nice group of people. And when I asked them what advice they’d give someone new in here, I got equally family oriented advice, that boiled down to “Find a good family you trust, and then don’t cross them.”

I think I also recognized a pattern. The more extreme a group is, the more family oriented they tend to be. There are definitely a lot of extremes in here but it’s very interesting to see that even demons can be so family oriented.

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