Mad Scientist – Role Playing

imvu fantasy story with mad scientistThis is a great example of Role Playing and how that makes things so much fun. I walked into a new room and had never talked him before. I just started playing along and it was soo much fun. Warning the second half is in a password protected site cause it gets too hot.

Role Playing is just playing along and it’s fun cause you don’t know where it will wind up. I think he had a script because there were sequential numbers at one point on his text but I had so much fun playing along, I wanted to share it. I’ve changed his name so as not to cause any issues for him. I could change my name but don’t think that would fool anyone since it’s on my website, lol.

Unfortunately it’s all text based and there weren’t a lot of poses, so you won’t get as many pics in this one but I hope you enjoy it, (if you’re bored enough to read it).


DrJekyl has joined the chat

Kaitlyn: hello…

DrJekyl: -looks up from his work with a smile- well hello there

Kaitlyn: work what time is it there?

Kaitlyn: it’s very late here too late to work…

DrJekyl: -chuckles and gestures to the equipment- a room like this won’t survive long without maintenance

DrJekyl: besides, the late hour affords more freedom for certain endeavors.

Kaitlyn: mmmm licking my lips

DrJekyl: -smirks and looks her over, placing a few things back in his toolbag-

sykon20 has joined the chat

Kaitlyn: feeling his eyes burning into me and feeling like something is going on

Kaitlyn: hello 20

Kaitlyn: his looks seem professional and sharp but I sense something stronger and deeper

sykon20 has left the chat

Kaitlyn: unsure how I even got into this place. I look around, nervously

DrJekyl: -he rummages through his bag thoughfully, glancing over at her now and then, before finally finding what he was looking for- yes, yes… she’ll do nicely…

Kaitlyn: ahhh, will do for what? she asks nervously

Kaitlyn: thinking back the last thing she remembers was having a drink with someone in a bar, and feeling kind of tipsy

Kaitlyn: she hadn’t drunk this much and was losing track of time  Kaitlyn: she studied his face and knew that there was a lot going on behind the calm surface

Kaitlyn: still feeling some of the effects of the alcohol which almost reassured her that it hadn’t been too long ago that she was in the bar

Kaitlyn: or maybe it was something else. She’d been given, she wondered to herself.

DrJekyl: -He pulls a finely carved redwood bo from the bag, placing it aside as he reaches in and grabs her ankles, pulling her towards the bars, the steel shafts forcing her thighs apart, chackles and chains quickly locked in place to hold her there.-

Kaitlyn: hearing some noises but realizing that there were no obvious doors in this room, made her nervous

Kaitlyn: before she has to chance to react. She feels trapped suddenly held,

Kaitlyn: and her heart pounds even faster

Kaitlyn: she realizes also that this wasn’t what she was wearingin in the bar.


DrJekyl: He nods and draws an ornate dagger from his belt, tracing the point down the seams of her outfit.

Kaitlyn: watching in fear as he runs the dagger against her skin

Kaitlyn: but paralyzed with fear, . Afraid to move or even resist she it’s sits frozen

Kaitlyn: as he cuts her clothing she realizes suddenly that she is practically naked

DrJekyl: With a deft twist of hsi wrist, each movement as familiar to him as breathing, he cuts a few choice seams and straps, exposing her womanhood and breasts-

Kaitlyn: her arms instinctively cover her chest, not that it does much good

DrJekyl: The calm, dark smile on his face persists as he palces the dagger back in it’s hidden sheath, his hand drifting to bring the small case closer, the other reaging into the bag to retrieve something else

Kaitlyn: her large breasts can’t be contained easily and swing as she shakes slightly

Kaitlyn: she struggles slightlyrattling the chains holding her

Kaitlyn: suddenly aware that this is not going to be good

Kaitlyn: afraid of what he will do and his calmness only makes her fear more intense

Kaitlyn: suddenly aware of every sound every movement as time slows

Kaitlyn: the alcohol or drugs dissipating yet she still feels strangely excited

Kaitlyn: as for blood pumps and heart pounds in her chest

DrJekyl: He pulls a small recorder from the toolbag, along with a long, slender dildo. Opening the wooden case he turns the recorder on. "December twenty first, pre-dawn. Experiment set #1128-delta. Subject aqquaried at local pub, ideal body type, mind intact and clear. phycical condition, optimal.

Kaitlyn: she draws a deep breath and braces herself her arms, still clutching her chest.

DrJekyl: Subject reacting within expected peramaters, displayign fear, mild panic, signs of increased stress, all normal for given evironment. Still attempting to maintain her modesty… quaint.

Kaitlyn: her legs pried apart, exposing her, and she notices how wet her pussy feels

Kaitlyn: not wanting to be a subject of some experiment afraid what he could do, she struggles harder

DrJekyl: He nods again, looking to the box. "Subject startign to show signs of physical excitement, no risk to results expected. I’ve chosen to use the mechanical method on this one, theorized result…"

Kaitlyn: squeezing her legs together as best she can. She contemplates crying out, but manages only a murmur

DrJekyl: H elooks her in the eyes and grins wickedly, "Total shutdown of higher brain functions"

Kaitlyn: panicking as she blankly, here’s the words

Kaitlyn: she softly mutters no noo please. No

DrJekyl: "I will now commence first stage of the procedure." he fixes the soft leather gloves and reaches between the bars, stroking and explorign the folds of her puss.

Kaitlyn: knowing that her please won’t mean any more than the squeaks of the mouse to a scientist

Kaitlyn: feeling his gloved hand touching her. She shivers

Kaitlyn: bracing herself for what she is afraid he will do

Kaitlyn: quivering and holding herself tightly as his fingers rub gently

Kaitlyn: she suddenly feels guilty for feeling so wet, and his fingers only making it worse

DrJekyl: "mild shiver upon contact with subject, rising tension…. personal note: I must commend my supplier for bringing me such an ideal subject. subject showin mental turmoil and conflict with natural ractions of the body." His fingers prod and probe firmly, thumb searching the folds for her clit.

DrJekyl: "Now my dear, tell me yoru name, and do speak up so the record can hear it."

Kaitlyn: my name, my name is…

Kaitlyn: kait

Kaitlyn: kait

Kaitlyn: wantingto resist, but unsure why she felt compelled to answer she scolds herself

Kaitlyn: his fingers rubbing probing deeper

DrJekyl: "good girl" the fingers probe deeper into her netherlips, stroking the entrance to her pussy, "Subject is responsive and co-operative, excellent.

Kaitlyn: she struggles slightly but realizes that only makes it worse

Kaitlyn: sensing the only way through this is to play along. She continues again feeling guilty at the feeling of his fingers

Kaitlyn: shaking her head from side to side, as much for her own reassurance as anything else

DrJekyl: He smiles adn moves hsi hadn away. "Subject Kait is now sufficiently prepared, procedeing with stage two, insertion of mechanical proxy"

Kaitlyn: not realizing how it makes her breasts sway

Kaitlyn: her mind racing, did he say mechanical?

DrJekyl: He reaches for the redwood case, pickign up a plastic device the size adn shape of a large chicken egg.

Kaitlyn: and what the hell is a proxy, she wonders

DrJekyl: He presses the point of the egg against her womanhood, grinding it up and down slowly.

Kaitlyn: she takes a deep breath

Kaitlyn: her hips shake as he grinds and presses something strange into her soft folds

Kaitlyn: it feels cold and stiff

Kaitlyn: and makes her shudder as it pushes deeper

DrJekyl: -He presses harder, twisting the egg backa dn forth, slowly working it into her sex, pushign it deeper and deeper as far as his long fingers can reach

Kaitlyn: shaking her bonds and trying to look away but….

Kaitlyn: Feeling it slipping deeper into her pussy

Kaitlyn: her mouth opens to scream but no words can come out

Kaitlyn: her eyes glazed over, but unable to look away

Kaitlyn: she feels it working it’s way into her pussy canal

imvu fantasy story with mad scientist

DrJekyl: He grins wider, almost unnaturally so, picking up the dildo and using it to push the egg all the way back, resting it firmly against her cervix.

Kaitlyn: trying to resist the pressure but it works its way in

Kaitlyn: her mind races feeling the effects of the drug and this thing pushing inside her

Kaitlyn: quietly, almost in a detached way watching it rather than feeling it

Kaitlyn: but her body responds on autopilot feeling the massaging pumping of her pussy walls

Kaitlyn: she scolds herself again realizing that she’s licking her lips

Kaitlyn: afraid of what this thing will do

DrJekyl: He pumps the dildo a few times for good measure before finally pulling it out, leaving the egg burried inside her securely. "Phase two complete, movign on to experiment phase 3, subject showing signs of breaking early.

Kaitlyn: Realizing that this is no random coincidence

Kaitlyn > DrJekyl: how many phases does this have? it’s very late here….

DrJekyl: He takes the key from his vest and unlocks the chains, freeign her legs. "Initiating final advance."

Kaitlyn: he pulls out the dildo and she feels the emptiness, relief yet, afraid of what else he can do to her

DrJekyl: he plucks a remote with a dial from the case and looks her over, turnign the dial to 1 and flickign it on, inside her the egg hums to life, vibrating slowly in her core.

Kaitlyn: she realizes that she is crying as the tears dripped from her chin

Kaitlyn: suddenly she gasps as she feels a strange sensation from deep inside

DrJekyl: HE smiles, making a few notes and turning the dial up to 2….


Continued on Part Two (password required cause it gets too naughty)

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  4. Anonymous

    whats the password for part two?

    June 26, 2012 at 5:49 am

    • I can’t post passwords in here and can’t even send it to you since you were anonymous, but ask me in imvu.

      June 26, 2012 at 10:32 am

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