It’s the words that matter in Role Playing

Role Playing doesn’t require a whole lot of actual props or poses. They are fun and can add to it. But a creative mind and good writing can make anything exciting. You can even make regular messages fun if you role play or paint a vivid picture or story with them. This is a virtual place so you can do anything if you put a little thought and effort into it. Once you start, it just flows sometimes and is as fun to send as it is to receive.

This afternoon, I thought Morgan was upset at me (cause I fucked up, I admit it) and she hadn’t responded to several messages and I was afraid she was upset. (She actually had and said she was busy so I didn’t see it.) Anyway, I sent this to her via Yahoo Messenger while I was driving to pick my daughter up from school (when usually I like to text her). My goal was to make her realize how sorry I was and how much I wanted to talk to her in a funny way. I was stuck behind a slow UPS truck and I just started a story.

You glance out the window seeing the ups truck and a brown uniform and open the door

Looking up at you with a brightly colored box instead of the usual brown you notice it’s a girl with blonde hair flashing an out of place smile.

Morgan? She asks questioningly. Taken aback they someone in real life using that name, you step back.

Looking closer your mind races your mind races as you survey the figure in front of you. Her age, blonde hair, nervous giggle, and the craziness of the situation make the name Kait? pop out of your mouth almost inaudibly.

Morgan it’s me, Kait. Kaitlyn.

You hadn’t talked to her in a while and you knew she wanted to reach you, but even you didn’t think she or anyone would be this crazy.

Morgan don’t run. I know I fucked up and I’m so sorry and I wanted to talk to you.

You pause a moment wondering if it’s smarter to just slam the door or stay and talk before she does anything else even crazier.

You slowly sit down on the porch partially because your knees are shaking, as much as for anything else.

You sit and contemplate what to do when you see the UPS driver tied up and gaged in his underwear in the passenger seat., and you can’t help but laugh…

I didn’t mean to share this story actually. I just wanted to write something for the role playing category linking to link to the Mad Scientist post in the Fantasy category because it was a good example of role playing too and shows that you don’t need a lot of poses or equipment for role playing.

Read the Mad Scientist Role Playing session

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