Some Tips for Gifting

IMVU Xmas present ideasThe purpose of credits is to make people feel good and the same is true with gifting. The most important part is to do it with creativity and love. This is especially true with strippers or people who get a lot of gifts.  And don’t always give people things on their gift list.  That’s easy but it doesn’t show as much thought or caring.

This is especially true of strippers because they don’t always put the things they want on their list.  They often have to put the things from their sponsors on them. That’s how the club gets money from the sponsors by requiring their dancers to put sponsors things on their wishlist. 

One good way to give them something they might not have thought of but will like is to think about what in your inventory would they like? Another interesting idea is to give them a song. That’s a great way to send a message since thereof a song for any theme you ca think of. And songs are kind of like books in that they make you look good and deeper some how.

I think it’s also helpful to have a few things in your gift list. Keep a bowl of chicken soup in case a friend is sick, tears for a friend that’s upset and you need to share that with and anything you give someone that you might want to give out repeatedly, like a card or sticker saying you love them. Oh and put a product or two from your favorite developer in your gift list too so you can support someone you like rather than someone that gives money to the strip club.

Leave a comment with anything you think works especially good to give out repeatedly.

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