The difference between men and women

It’s no shock that men and women are different. But alot of people may not realize the differences in how they cyber. These are only generalizations so they don’t apply on an individual basis. The simplest way to explain it is that guys have sex and girls make love.  Again that’s probably not a news flash. 

Guys like poses and voiceboxes because they are more visual oriented and need to see and hear it. They also tend to want real life pictures much more thsn girls which I admit i dont get at all being married irl. Girls on the other hand can stay in the same kissing pose and do it all with words. I think this is why girls love romance novels and guys like porn. I think this bcause whats sexy to guys is the physical and whats sexy for a girl, especially on here is the partners mind. Girls can also talk more about their heart and love where guys talk about… well they just don’t talk as much cause they’re typing with one hand. 

Love also takes longer and takes more than just a sex room. And can’t they put more cuddle and kissing spots?!  Its funny though because both sides have their pluses. A heartfelt love is way beyond even good or great sex, but by 2 or 3am sometimes I just want sex too.  But back to the topic, the reason you want to know and understand the differences is that it will make you a better lover and help you get what you really want too.

2 responses

  1. Hehee, the best combination for me personally is a great loving and passionate girl with a strap on! Is that TMI? What do you think?

    December 9, 2011 at 7:11 pm

    • sheri682

      That does sound great but I love a dual dildo a lot better. I can feel all the move my partner and she can I.

      December 14, 2011 at 2:21 pm

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