Too much of a good thing. 

dont abuse your voicebox in imvuVoice boxes can be fun but don’t abuse them.  I definitely think they can add to the feeling but you can certainly have too much if a good thing too.  You usually see guys doing this more than girls. 

I think the best general rule is not to use more vb commands than actual text and don’t make them overlap or pile on and try not to repeat them too much.  They should be a fun addition to your passion, not a crutch.  If you looked at your chat and removed them would it still make sense and be sexy?

Another good rule is not to use them out loud when there are other people in the room.  You can whisper them though. I didn’t realize that only the person you’re whispering to can hear it for a while either.  So enjoy your vb but do it in proportion. 

One response

  1. Yes sometimes you can tell what issues I ran into that day, lol. Another point is NEVER try to tell someone what they’re doing wrong in sex. It works as well in here as it does in real life. If you do try, be VERRRY careful. It can backfire. Right, Adam?! ;-)

    December 8, 2011 at 4:03 pm

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