Updating your Profile Pic

your imvu profile picture in the account web pageA picture is worth a thousand words. So try to change your tagline and your picture often. It shows what kind of a mood you’re in to the world. It’s also better to save your profile pic outside of IMVU, especially if it’s a good one, so you can go back to it more easily. It’s very easy to re-upload the pic you like.

There is some benefit to continuity. If you don’t like to change it, find something good and keep it the same and just change the tagline. When your profile pic is always the same people recognize it and you which is valuable too. That’s why I change my pic when I want to show a different mood or look, but go back to my standard pic often too (because it was uploaded and therefore is easy to put back) so people recognize it too.

Also try to do something a little different to make it stand out. Remember your profile pic will be one of many in a page of small pics in your friend’s friends page. It’s also what people notice the most when you invite someone, so make it as attractive, unique and recognizable as possible.

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