Honesty (in IMVU?!)


The head of a very successful Role Playing family said, “The trick to this is to be brutally honest, totally open and letting your heart flow.”

One reminder though, being honest doesn’t mean giving out your personal information. It just means not lying. Once you do start lying you’ll have to remember who you told what to and you’ll have to keep on making bigger and bigger lies.

On the other hand, you can be too honest. A friend’s boyfriend was reluctant to set a date for their wedding and she said he was busy with work. I don’t know him but said that is a valid excuse to wait in RL, but since you can get married so easily in here without a lot of time or expense if you want to, it may be that he’s afraid to commit. It turned out that it was true and he was also using another avi, but she blew up and blamed me for ruining her relationship when I basically just told her he was giving her an excuse. That’s also an example of how drama can find you even if it’s just being honest and no ill will or intent to hurt anyone.

No post about honesty in IMVU would be complete without some other advice too.
STARnTheHeavens (a wonderful woman I wish I had more time to hang out with) said, “Don’t expect the person to be the person you think they are.”
In other words, take EVERYTHING with a grain of salt. We all try to portray a more positive image of our selves. Putting on a good front and wanting other people to like us is normal. Making up your whole situation is too much. But we’ve all seen it, believe me. If you have a funny or interesting story about honesty or dishonesty,

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