IMVU Music Search Tip

imvu music mix searchingI really like the music fuctions at IMVU. The limitations imposed by IMVU, such as limiting mixes to two songs by any one artist or album are stupid but otherwise music can be a big plus in your IMVU experience. Unfortunately the IMVU music search process can be a real pain. If the name of the track you’re looking for isn’t totally unique you may have to page through page after page of songs with the same term. That’s why I like to search for the song I like first on Goggle or YouTube and get the correct name and artist. That makes it much easier to find the song you were really looking for.

Most people don’t have as many mixes and as much variety as I have. I like to make a special music mix for every different room or type of room. Music is a very good way to create a mood and convey emotion.

Another good tip for finding the right music for something is to search for it on iTunes because that will sort them by popularity. So you can find the popular one you were thinking of, and then go look for it in imvu.

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