What am I thankful for?

imvu thanksgiving reminds us what life is about, peopleBeing away for a week with family was great but it also made me realize how much I really miss so many people here. People encompasses a lot and a pretty wide variety of relationships. We don’t eat turkey in here and we don’t all even celebrate Thanksgiving of course. But we all have things to be thankful for, friends, families, spouses, and more.

It’s funny how this place parallels real life in this way and kind of teaches us or reminds us that the most important thing is really the people. There are more things to get in the way and distract us in real life, but the people and relationships in real life as in IMVU are ultimately the most important thing. So even though we may not sit down to a big dinner in here I am so very thankful for all of the people in my life here.

One response

  1. IMVU Is My Virtual Escape. :)

    November 25, 2011 at 5:32 pm

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