The Purpose of Credits

the purpose of imvu creditsThe purpose of credits isn’t to buy things, as you might assume. The purpose of credits is to make people feel good. If they were free, and we could have all of the stuff in here we wanted, it wouldn’t really make you feel good or be appreciated when you give something to someone else. You give things in here to someone to say thank you or that you appreciate them. It’s not that any of us really need more clothes or shoes or anything. You won’t go hungry or be homeless if you don’t have money in here.

It’s not that the sexy girl you’re watching dance needs more sexy underwear, but you want her to feel appreciated, and to want to do more for you. Where else can you go out to multiple strip clubs and watch so many sexy women for hours for the price of just a beer at Applebees? But the real trick isn’t just to spend credits or buy gifts but to use them to make someone feel good and loved. You do that buy writing a note with a lot of emotion, that paints a vivid picture. Be creative and write a whole story about what you are giving them. Don’t just pick the next thing off of someone’s wish list. Go shop and get them something that shows you know them and care.

I know some people that have hundreds of thousands of credits in their account. But they still appreciate a thoughtful gift and it makes them feel good about you for giving it. The point isn’t to throw money around, but use it as a symbol of your affection and character and you’ll never have any shortage of love or good friends.

Don’t buy your credits at IMVU unless they’re 50% off. I buy them at unless I’m trying to get them for someone else, in which case I use because they let me put them into someone else’s name. AnsheX is also based in Hong Kong and some credit card companies don’t allow transactions there, but IMVUsale is based in the US. These are NOT affiliate links, and I don’t get credit for referring you anywhere. This is just what I use and my honest advice. And whatever you do, do NOT use SphinxCredits .com. They stole 100K from me personally, and there’s no phone number, no email address or way to reach them and they don’t care or even respond to IMVU support.

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