Older Women Rule

45 years old and loving it.You may think that 20 year old sexy girl you met in here is hot, but think about it. A 40 year old woman here looks every bit as hot, probably doesn’t have as many opportunities irl, and often has fewer reservations, more interesting experience being sexy, and not looking for something irl means they can be free-er in here. They also tend to have more resources and much less high school like drama.

OK, I admit being 45 makes me a little biased. But the same is true in guys and it’s one of the easier things to look for when you’re looking at the people in a room. A lot of people leave their age off or fib a little but it’s one of the best factors you can see on the cover of the book. But this is only if you’re not in your 20s and looking for someone with RL potential.

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