When one door closes three more open

I joined hooters lovers with AnitaIt’s VERY painful when we lose great friends and close doors or have them closed on us. The highs are higher here than RL but the lows can be more sudden and deeper too. I think it’s because this place is built on pure communication and emotion. It’s very powerful but at times very painful too. But for the same reason it crashes so fast you can recover in here just as fast if you go out and try, or at least stay open to it.

I felt like I walked away from half my friends last week. It wasn’t actually that bad, just many of the friends connected to one friend and a room. I banned myself and had to let go of ALL the people connected there. I’ve seen some people do that and try to hold on, but I didn’t. I just let go and don’t watch the room or the people. I have seen people try to hang on and fight very hard to keep a relationship that’s already gone and it’s not pretty and it’s very hard on everyone. So I cried and said good bye and left.
all the Bleue Doll Girls

A week later, I have a fun hangout place/pt job as a Hooters Girl at Hooter Lovers, I’m part of an amazing family, and I’m a personal slave for one of the best role players I’ve met in here. I always say it’s never boring in here, but it’s crazy how fast you can go from feeling alone, walking away from long time friends and conflicts, to feeling more connected and a part of things than I ever have in here. When one door closes another one does open. Sometimes three of them open even.

So the advice in this, what I learned, is that it’s painful to let go but sometimes that’s really the best thing. And if you do, just do it and move on and something new and better or at least less painful will come along.

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  1. Walking away also pushed me to get the website going too. I had been waiting for a friend who said she’d help with this for a long time but she never had time. Leaving her was good because it made me get started and figure it out on my own. It was easier to use that as an excuse to procrastinate and now I had no more excuse and had to prove I could do it myself. I hope you like the way the website is turning out.

    November 20, 2011 at 11:45 pm

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