Wedding Vows

Weddings in IMVU are slightly different than real life. You write you own vows because it’s not a question of being legal as much as meaning a lot to the people involved. Here are the vows from a wedding from my best friend’s wedding. Actually it was between two of my best friends that I introduced. :-)

One response

  1. This is probably a good place to leave my toast. Raising my glass, a smile and cheers!…. :-D

    Once upon a time (because all good fairy tales start that way) laying quietly in a soft grassy meadow Gabby made a wish for someone Beautiful, Intelligent, Sexy, Successful and Fun to be around.

    It’s funny how sometimes something suddenly hits you and seems so obvious and so right and I knew right then…

    In this insane place you’ll find an incredible variety of relationships, but out of all of the relationships and friends I’ve seen in here, no one can match my Gabby.

    Her profile said recently that a relationship is more than finding the right person, it is BEING the right person.

    I may have helped Gabby find her Kimber, but Gabby has always had great relationships even when they were with the wrong person because she is so good at being the right person.

    Now she’s definitely found not just the right person, but the right people, because Kim’s whole family is really so special.

    And together you see how this love is greater than the sum of the parts or in this case, the hearts.

    with all my Love,

    November 15, 2011 at 12:33 pm

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