Behave appropriately

Girls in a lesbian club can all tell when a guy comes in with a girl’s avatar, because practically the first thing out of their mouth is a proposition. Whisper to one girl at a time after getting to know them, never just announce that you’re horny and want someone for sex. The only people who respond to that are other guys pretending to be girls. So you get what you deserve in the end.

Getting to know the other person makes it much better and more exciting. And you also have to make sure they’re literate and able to carry on an interesting conversation. If they’re good at talking they’ll be better in bed. So take some time and pay attention to who’s talking and flirt a little first. It’ll make it seem more real and more exciting.

If in doubt, act like you would in real life. If you wouldn’t walk into a room in rl and ask who wants to have sex, don’t walk into a virtual room and ask that. It’s going to have just as bad of a result.

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